When Are You Ready to Publish?

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A Writer's Path


by Amie Gibbons

Today I was telling a girl at work how scared I am to be publishing.  My first story comes out on Sunday and I’m freaking out, I told her.  She was sweet, saying I’d be fine, and then she said something that threw me.  They wouldn’t be publishing you if you weren’t ready.

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2 thoughts on “When Are You Ready to Publish?

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Linda. I’ve passed it along, and I’m adding it to my collection of things to ponder with each book. I’m already doing most of this one, but it’s a good reminder, anyway. And especially that part about listening to your betas or early readers. Especially if you see a theme developing. If you want to SELL your book, you need to pay attention to that kind of stuff. And you need to fix things, even the nit-picky inconsistencies. (I think describing a person one way in the first part of the book, and then differently in another part of the book is more than just nit-picky, though. Just my own thoughts, but that difference in eye color…that would bring me to a puzzled stop, and the last thing you want is your readers to stop reading. For any reason.) But there are some sound suggestions here.

    I would also say that I think the attitude toward self-publishing is changing every day. It doesn’t have quite the stigma it used to have. At least, that’s my experience these days. You?

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