My Second Entry in the #OctoberWritingPrompt Challenge


Here’s another effort from me. I managed to use black, candles, orange, a cry in the night, racing heartbeats, and the smell of cinnamon. I think I hit ‘em all! 😀 Enjoy!


Never trust a vampire. Or a werewolf. Or a dragon, a faery, or zombie. But most of all, never…EVER…trust a demon. The uber-evil minions of Satan usually made the devil himself look like a slacker.

So what was I doing in this club on Halloween night, sitting here in my slinkiest black dress, sipping a vodka and tonic, and waiting for Azrael, one of the scuzziest of all Satan’s henchmen, to show up? Good question. I wish I had an equally good answer.

Unfortunately, the man I work for doesn’t care whether things like this make sense. He has his own agenda, and as head of The Bureau (capital T, capital B), he answers to…well… to pretty much nobody. Certainly not to me.

A candle guttered in a round, orange pumpkin on my table. In another minute or two, it would go out. I’d been sitting here since before the busboy came by to light it, hours ago. Drumming my fingers on the table, I was getting antsier by the minute.

I wondered whether the meeting had been Azrael’s idea, or my boss’s. If my boss had requested it, the demon would be perfectly happy making me wait indefinitely. I could still be sitting here at dawn, getting hungrier by the minute. One can only consume so many beer nuts, after all, before starvation begins to look good.

Another hour passed, and I’d had it. I was calling it a night, and chalking this one up to the general sucking quality of demonic humor. I rose, reached for my purse, and then the blonde at the hostess stand let loose a shrill scream somewhere around the decibel range of a patrol car siren. My now-hammering heart slammed into overdrive.

Even before her ear-drum rupturing shriek stopped ricocheting around the room, two things happened. Every candle in the freaking place went out, leaving us all groping in total darkness. And the double glass doors at the front of the club blasted open, flooding it with the familiar reek of higher echelon minions, world-wide: copper, sulphur, and scorched cinnamon.

Subtle, demons were not. And something told me this meeting was about to go straight to Hell. Literally.

22 thoughts on “My Second Entry in the #OctoberWritingPrompt Challenge

  1. Fantastic, now I want to read the rest of the book, this would make a great opening chapter. I can immediately think of 3 storyline options which I would like; first one that this opening could be followed by a return to how it all began and how it reached this point, or spiralling into a huge fight scene with a kidnapping of the narrator, or the opportunity for a mystery character to breeze in, save the situation and breeze out, causing all kinds of questions. Write me that book Marcia!

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    • Hahaha. I wish there WERE a “rest of the book.” But I just wrote this last night, so I could shame the rest of the group into coming up with something. If I can write this in fifteen minutes, surely a whole MONTH is long enough for others to do something. Right? Write!

      And I like all of your scenarios, especially the third one. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea how to create an Urban Fantasy world that would really hold together. Having a moment work isn’t the same thing as having a whole book work, sadly. However, it would be fun, wouldn’t it? With two series going, it would be pretty hard to find time for another, but I’m holding on to this. Maybe a short story?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rosie. And I never say never. (Or did I just?) So who knows. Maybe I’ll give UF a try someday.

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      • You could turn it into a short story, Marcia? It would make a fun Halloween read! I liked the way you laced the narrative with “dark humor.” Sam & Dean would be proud of you! For anyone who doesn’t know…The brothers are demon hunters on Supernatural, now in its 11th season!

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        • You know, it crossed my mind that it might make a fun short story. I’m somewhat intimidated by the process, because I’ve seen so many good novelists who can’t write a short story worth a diddly. There’s a real trick to it. They can’t sound like a chapter lifted from the middle of a book. They have to begin fast, move faster, and end with a snap. I’m so wordy, I don’t know if I can do that, but it might be a fun exercise. Thanks for your kind comments. I’ve been practicing snark since before there WAS such a thing, at least by that name. 😀 I suspect if I were the gal at the table, I would be just as sick of beer nuts, and just as annoyed with my boss and demons, as she was. 🙂 And I would have been moaning and groaning about it the entire evening. 😉


    • But…but…but there’s NOTHING beyond this point. I’m tellin’ ya, I just wrote this last night, in about fifteen minutes, so I could post it and then virtuously ask everyone else where THEIRS was. 😀 Now you and Rosie are making me wish there really WERE something more to this. Maybe someday! After I get at least two more series books finished. But truthfully, I have no idea where to go from here. I don’t know how to create the actual world this gal lives in. But it was fun coming up with the MOMENT. And thanks, Deborah. I appreciate your comments, as always.

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    • Thanks, Olga. I was writing fast, and I remembered the demon Azrael from a movie called Dogma. I think he is most often considered an archangel of death, though sometimes spelled differently, but I only had fifteen minutes to put this together, so I cheated on the name. If I were making it into something more, I’d research for a more believable demon name. I’m going to check out your series, btw. I often enjoy YA books, and want to see what you’ve done. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment. (Ahem…might we be expecting a little paragraph or two from YOU, in this challenge? We’d love it!) 😀


    • Hmmm…well, since my “heroine” works for The Bureau, I’m guessing they are at least SUPPOSED to be the Good Guys. So maybe his name begins with G. As in Gabriel. Or M. As in Michael. Or L. As in LoneRanger? K? As in Kermit? *me, looking around for other names of Good Guys, but thinking Mr. Rogers would be a real stretch.*

      😀 😀 😀

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        • Always possible, but I tend to favor the idea of him being simply a Bureaucratic Jerk. (Capital B, capital J). Frankly, I think even Lucifer is scared of those! 😀 But all this is just conjecture, you know. The chances of me having time to write anything other than Harbinger (which I’m working on) and the next Riverbend book (which is screaming to be let out of my head), are pretty slim. I may be doing more than some folks my age, but there’s a limit to how much I can cram into my days. It could be I’m already exceeding it. 😀

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  2. Marcia,
    When old Scratch made his entrance, complete with the sulpher, I immediately thought of an old Jack Nicholson movie where Jack played the devil. Jack does good devil. Movie was “Witched of Eastwick.”

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    • He does, indeed. As does Al Pacino. Creepy as the dickens! I remember both reading and watching Witches of Eastwick. Might have to check it out again. Lots of different ways to go with this scene. If I were writing more, it wouldn’t be Ol’ Scratch coming through the door, though it would probably be a pretty wicked minion, hence the sulphur! 🙂


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