Excerpt from Urban Fantasy short story, SPRITE NIGHT, by Deborah Jay

To set the scene: the DNA that water sprite Cassie uses to create her body has been damaged, so she can only partially materialise…

Sprite Night CompleteDuncan frowned. “But lass, you’re a wee bit lacking in substance just now; how do you normally harvest your DNA?”

My gaze dropped involuntarily to his crotch. Mortified, I jerked my head back up to see red blossoming in Duncan’s cheeks.

“Ah. So that’s what you were after last night.”

“No! Yes. Well, not really. Before all this blew up I had plenty; it wasn’t that I needed any more.”

He chuckled. “No worries, I fancied you too, but that’s not going to happen now, so we’d better find another solution.”

He was so right; dawn was shedding ever more light on the scene, and sooner or later an early riser was going to make a horrific discovery. Finding a druid talking to a floating head wasn’t going to help.

“Saliva would do the job,” I suggested, an odd attack of bashfulness overcoming me as I waited for his reaction.

His smile said it all. He didn’t bother to speak, just stepped up to me and placed his palms on my flushed cheeks. “Good choice,” he breathed as our lips met, his mouth opening in invitation. His tongue darted forward, dancing tip to tip with mine, before making a slow retreat, drawing me into his mouth. I inhaled the clean pine scent of him, growing giddy with the mingled aroma of nature and magic. My tongue slid past his, licking the inside of his cheeks, tasting his DNA; more subtle than a witch’s and infinitely more satisfying than plain human.

As my body firmed up within his embrace, every part of me stood to attention. My tight nipples rubbed against the rough fabric of his jacket, sending streaks of lighting to my smouldering loins. My lungs tried to pump air though my lips maintained a vacuum, crushed against Duncan’s mouth as our kiss heated up. I wrapped my fists in his hair, just as a tiny spark of fire ignited within me, relic of a previous encounter, and reminder of my terrible track record with lovers.

Reluctantly I pushed him away. He didn’t deserve to be caught up in the mess that was my love life.

He held me at arm’s length and glanced all the way down and back up, before gifting me with that twinkle I’d seen in the inn last night.

“I think we’d better find you some clothes, lass.”

A door slammed in the distance; someone was up.

“Nae bother,” I said, and diverted a little of my newly gained mass into a pair of jeans, fur topped boots and a parka.

Now for the unashamed marketing pitch – if you’d like to read the rest of this story you can do so by signing up to my mailing list here. I only mail when I have news of interest to my readers, so not that often, I promise!

10 thoughts on “Excerpt from Urban Fantasy short story, SPRITE NIGHT, by Deborah Jay

  1. Haha…while I was fussing at folks for not playing along, you were busy…playing. Or at least Cassie was! And a very intriguing game, I might add. Thanks so much for sharing, Deb, and I’ll be tweeting this out shortly. (NOTE to everyone else: please remember to do so, as well, and get your own excerpts in soon!)

    Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, exactly! In the days before I had a smart phone, and I would fine myself completely cut off, I’d hyperventilate and have an anxiety attack! I’m better now. Plus, I have more ways to reach out than I used to. Which helps! 🙂 Glad to see you’re still with us. Computer-wise, that is. 😀


            • Yep. My big problem was I had 3 days away, judging at a horse show, with broken internet at the pub I was staying in, and so far into the wilds there was no phone signal either!
              I got intermittent sudden moments of contact so my emails appeared on my phone, but they were just the odd 10 seconds here and there between hours of nothing!
              My own internet is being cranky, so watch this space… possibly literally 😉

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              • Obviously, you were WAAAAAY too far into the hinterlands! 😀 I love the country, camping, wildlife, and all of that, but I love it more when I’m still getting a phone signal. 😉 Good luck with the cranky internet thing. We don’t want to lose you again.

                Liked by 1 person

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