Is Everybody Gone on Vacation?

We’re Waiting For You

Come on you guys…now’s your chance to share any excerpt you’d like from any book, collection, or WIP you wish. And as often as you wish. We’ll tweet it out there, and get some eyes on your words. If you don’t want to get real sick of reading MY stuff, you need to join in. 😀 Seriously, there are over 650 of you here. Surely someone has a chapter, or a page, or a paragraph they’d like to share? I did it.  Callum and Deborah did it. YOU can do it, too. Let your light shine!

11 thoughts on “Is Everybody Gone on Vacation?

  1. I’ve been lost in trying to just keep on top of things… but have recently re-directed my attention a bit. Yes, I’m still blogging (as much as ever, really), and looking at how to better put myself out there through social media… but I’m also focusing down on my novel. Hopefully, soon, I’ll have something shareable!

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  2. I wish I could say I’ve been on vacation–feels more like hibernation!! I will try to post an excerpt, and though I don’t say it often enough, THANK YOU for everything you do to build community!

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    • Well, glad to see you woke up for a while tonight! We’ve missed you. And thank you for…um…thanking me. 😀 I really enjoy everyone who visits here, and have had a great time watching our followers grow. I’ve been so swamped on Book #4, I haven’t been as visible here as I like, myself, but I’m trying! Thanks for taking part, Karen!


    • It WAS kinda perfect for the subject, right? 🙂 Don’t worry. Even if you miss Excerpt Week, per se, you can ALWAYS post that kind of thing on here, when it suits you. It’s all about the sharing. But if you do get it in this week, when everyone is putting the word out, you’ll get more eyes on it, I think. And thanks for sharing everyone’s work. You’re always great about that, and it’s much appreciated!

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