Excerpt from Urban Fantasy short story, SPRITE NIGHT, by Deborah Jay

To set the scene: the DNA that water sprite Cassie uses to create her body has been damaged, so she can only partially materialise…

Sprite Night CompleteDuncan frowned. “But lass, you’re a wee bit lacking in substance just now; how do you normally harvest your DNA?”

My gaze dropped involuntarily to his crotch. Mortified, I jerked my head back up to see red blossoming in Duncan’s cheeks.

“Ah. So that’s what you were after last night.”

“No! Yes. Well, not really. Before all this blew up I had plenty; it wasn’t that I needed any more.”

He chuckled. “No worries, I fancied you too, but that’s not going to happen now, so we’d better find another solution.”

He was so right; dawn was shedding ever more light on the scene, and sooner or later an early riser was going to make a horrific discovery. Finding a druid talking to a floating head wasn’t going to help.

“Saliva would do the job,” I suggested, an odd attack of bashfulness overcoming me as I waited for his reaction. Continue reading

Excerpt from #ABoyNamedRabbit by #MarciaMeara

cover at 35%

Ten-year-old Rabbit has finally made his way out of the wilderness and has been taken in by Sarah and MacKenzie Cole, while they decide what to do about him. (They have very different ideas on that score.) It’s his first morning at what he has nicknamed Angel House, and everything is new and wondrous to him.

Chapter 7

Is It Like Lightnin’, Then?


APRIL 28, 2013

“IS IT LIKE lightnin’, then? This here ‘lectricity stuff?” Rabbit was staring at the overhead fixture again, still trying to grasp the concept of being able to flip a switch and have light flood the room. Of everything that had caught his attention—and almost everything in the house had—that was the one thing he kept coming back to. And hot water on tap, of course.

Mac sat at the end of the island, sipping coffee and trying not to get pulled into the conversation, but I knew he was listening as I tried again to explain.

“I don’t know exactly how it all works, but I’m pretty good at knowing how to put it to use. The electricity is harnessed and then sent out through wires and into our house. And then we can use it to make things light up, or heat up, or cool down. If you do it right, it’s wonderful, but you have to be careful with electrical things, so you don’t accidentally get shocked.”

“You mean like it’d get away from you if you wasn’t careful? I seen what lightnin’ can do when it hits trees an’ such. It’s a powerful thing, an’ it can kill, too. Seen a deer what was struck by lightnin’ once. Burnt him pretty bad, but we ate us some venison for days after.” Continue reading

Excerpt/Teaser Week Is Here!


You are all hereby invited to share short teasers or full-on excerpts from any or all of your books or WIP’s all week, here on The Write Stuff. This is your chance to give everyone a taste of what your writing is like, and what your books are about. Feel free to share as often as you like throughout the week. I promise to tweet and share everywhere I can, and to encourage all members to do the same.

If you share a longer excerpt, please use the “More” button to break it up after 2 or 3 paragraphs, so it doesn’t fill up the whole front page. If you don’t know how to do that, I can do it for you. That way, we can have more authors visible on our Home Page. And if you aren’t already a contributor, able to post your own new thread, just email me for help. I’ll either make you one, or I’ll post for you. It’s all good. The only thing that matters is getting your words in front of as many people as possible, and thus convincing them they can’t possibly get through this summer without buying your book. 😀

So, join in and share a scene, or teaser, or whole chapter, if you like. I can’t wait to see your work. I’m going to start us off shortly, and then I expect to see lots of good stuff coming through here. 😉

It’s Here: Excerpt Week!


Don’t worry. You didn’t miss anything. I just made Excerpt Week up, because I think it would be fun. Starting tomorrow, I’m encouraging you guys to share excerpts from your books. No rules or restrictions, other than no erotica or politics, please, which I don’t think any of you are writing, anyway. Except for that, feel free to choose an excerpt, long or short, from any part of your book you’d like to share. If you aren’t already a contributor and would like to share, just email me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com and I’ll tell you more. I’m going to start us off first thing in the morning, so stayed tuned, but I’m not limiting how many excerpts can go up in a given day, nor how many you guys can share during the week. If you have  multiple books out, feel free to post excerpts from each one as you have time.

AND…here’s the best part. Not only will everyone here get to read a sample of your work, but HOPEFULLY, they will each remember to share it with their peeps, via FB, Twitter, reblogging, or all of the above. Any and ALL sharing is to be highly desired, so that others may find our work, too. So…that’s your assignment for the week. Pick some great parts of your books and post them here, then be sure to share everyone else’s posts, as well.

This should be FUN! Be prepared for some creepy bits from me in the morning. 😀 Snakes, and alligators, and serial killers, oh MY!

Poems or Excerpts, Anyone?

Because I’m still very much under the weather…or under this 600-pound flu bug that ran me down last week…I’m thinking this would be a lovely time to see if you guys have any work you’d like to share? Caitlin’s poem below (SO beautiful and inspiring) is perfect for a slow week, holiday week. If you have a poem, or an excerpt from one of your books, or a current WIP you’d like to share, please do so. We’d love to see what you’ve written, if we haven’t discovered your work yet, or what you’re working on, even if we have. Let me know if you have something you’d like to post, but haven’t been invited to start new threads yet, and I’ll take care of that the next time I’m out of bed to check my emails.

Yoohooo,talented lad in Scotland…yes, you, Callum!…I KNOW for sure you have some beautiful poems. Want to share one? Jenny, got an excerpt from your new book you can tease us with? Anyone else? If I’m not mentioning you by name, it’s because I’m on DRUGS, and my brain is barely functioning. But you are ALL invited to share! Hope some of you will.

AND…HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year, The Write Stuff is going to really take off, you just watch! 😀