Poems or Excerpts, Anyone?

Because I’m still very much under the weather…or under this 600-pound flu bug that ran me down last week…I’m thinking this would be a lovely time to see if you guys have any work you’d like to share? Caitlin’s poem below (SO beautiful and inspiring) is perfect for a slow week, holiday week. If you have a poem, or an excerpt from one of your books, or a current WIP you’d like to share, please do so. We’d love to see what you’ve written, if we haven’t discovered your work yet, or what you’re working on, even if we have. Let me know if you have something you’d like to post, but haven’t been invited to start new threads yet, and I’ll take care of that the next time I’m out of bed to check my emails.

Yoohooo,talented lad in Scotland…yes, you, Callum!…I KNOW for sure you have some beautiful poems. Want to share one? Jenny, got an excerpt from your new book you can tease us with? Anyone else? If I’m not mentioning you by name, it’s because I’m on DRUGS, and my brain is barely functioning. But you are ALL invited to share! Hope some of you will.

AND…HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year, The Write Stuff is going to really take off, you just watch! 😀

Looking forward to hearing what YOU think!

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