I Love UPS!


Just look what they brought me today! My proof of A Boy Named Rabbit, which, btw, looks GREAT! I’ve already ordered my first batch, and will have them in time for my two Meet the Author Eco-Tours on the 25th and 28th. Woohooo! Doing the happy dance, here. Don’t you just love it when your newly released books show up?

12 thoughts on “I Love UPS!

    • Thanks, Ned. I’m pretty pleased with Nicki’s cover, for sure. And boy, I hope I do have good luck on the Eco-Tour, since this time, it’s pretty much about Swamp Ghosts the whole way. If it doesn’t go well, poor Doug & Captain Jeanne will have some disgruntled passengers to deal with. (I’ll be running…or swimming!… away!) But we have some nice things planned for each tour, anyway…a raffle basket full of goodies, and a surprise winner of a signed copy of Swamp Ghosts, too. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep the crowd from turning ugly, if they are bored with my reading and comments on the book. Fingers crossed.

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    • Thank you, Karen! I’m so lucky to have a graphic designer for a friend. Not only is she extremely talented, she always “gets” just what I’m asking for. And then makes it better! I guess our years of afternoons spent admiring covers in B & N paid off. We are totally in synch. Still dancin’ here!


    • Thanks, Louis! Of course, the cruises focus on Swamp Ghosts and Florida wildlife/habitat, but I always have a few copies of Wake-Robin Ridge along. Now I’ll have a few of A Boy Named Rabbit, too. I do love Nicki’s covers. She’s just the best, and I’m so lucky.


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