Poetry Month: Secrets

April is National Poetry Month. I’m celebrating with Writer’s Digest’s Poem a Day Challenge. I’m sharing a few of my favorites. This poem was from the second, the topic: secrets.

poetry month trees


The best kind of secrets

are the ones you are waiting

to share

that blossom warm and bright

in your heart

and make you smile

for no reason at all

because you know something

no one else does


Tell me those secrets

I will share your smile

and we will be twice as incandescent


The worst kind of secrets

no one wants to share




like an anchor

dragging you down but you have to

tread water and smile

because you want no one to know

Tell me those secrets

I will cry with you

and help you chip at the chains

holding you down

one day you will break free

You can escape alone

but you don’t have to

Tell me your secrets

and I’ll tell you mine

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