Still Cold Where You Are?

Belinda’s Dream Rose and Black Gamecock Iris

Well, believe me, it sure isn’t here! It hit 90 today, and the sun was just broiling down on me. I had to stop my yard work much earlier than I planned and come inside to the a/c. If you doubt it’s already full summer here, take a look at these two pics I took earlier. My roses are blooming like mad, and things like cigar plant (cuphea) and Amistad salvia are running amok. Luckily, I know the roses and cuphea will continue straight through the summer heat. Will find out how Amistad does as it continues to get hotter. I love the dark purple, so I hope it won’t burn up. It’s already way too hot for petunias, violas, nasturtiums, and other plants we grow here in the winter. Florida. The rules are different here. 🙂


Tri-color (pink, yellow, and white) All American Beauty Rose with Cigar Plant behind it,
and Amistad Salvia to the right. The hummingbirds love the cigar plant,
and I’m told they will love the salvia, too.

Looking forward to hearing what YOU think!

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