Wake-Robins & Other Thoughts

Wake-Robin (Trillium erecta)

Several people have asked me about the flower on the cover of A Boy Named Rabbit and Wake-Robin Ridge. I thought you might like to see a photo or two. Aren’t they beautiful? The more common white trilliums of spring are lovely, too, but the wake-robin has captured my heart.

Trillium grandiflora

When I think of my springtime trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains, trillium and dainty bluebells are what come to my mind. And if you haven’t ever been to that part of the Appalachian chain (the oldest mountains in the world), you really owe it to yourself to go someday. Beautiful at any time of year, of course, but absolutely breathtaking in the autumn. Why…someone ought to write a book…or two…set there! 😉

If you have any photos that inspired a book you’ve written, or are writing, please feel free to share them with us. I know I’m always interested in what sparks a writer’s imagination, and I’m sure others would be, as well.

Have a great day, folks. It’s Thor’s Day, and if you’ve ever visited Bookin’ It, you know what that means! Jokes will be appearing over there shortly.

6 thoughts on “Wake-Robins & Other Thoughts

    • Have you ever seen the wake-robin variety? So beautiful, though it’s hard to beat a shady hillside covered with the white blooms of the other species. Spring wildflowers are always such a welcome burst of color. Between the trillilums, the bluebells, and the bird’s-foot violets, the whole forest can be carpeted in color.

      So nice to see you here today! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your work in progress. Let us know when you are ready to release it, and we’ll help you promote it.


  1. Gorgeous, and now you’ve inspired me – my Urban Fantasy DESPRITE MEASURES is set in the Scottish Highlands, an area I regularly drive around, and I’ve decided to do a series of photo posts after each trip, as the landscapes are truly inspirational,
    I was there last week, so first one coming up soon 🙂


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