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Loads of info here for those of you considering promoting your books through BookBub.

Nancy's Notes From Florida

BookBub is a popular reader subscriber service where you can promote your book for a fee. They have four million subscribers. Its readers are 84% women, the majority over 40 years old. 37% are retired. 58% are empty-nesters. 59% read four or more books per month. The devices they read on? 49% Kindle, 26% Apple, 15% Nook, 10% Android. Most use tablets, then e-readers, and then cell phones. 29% read non-genre material. 32% read mysteries and thrillers; 25% read romance; 14% read science fiction and fantasy. 95% of readers have purchased a book from an unknown author because of an e-book promotion. 63% have gone on to order more books by an author due to a price promotion.

When a book goes from $.99 to $2.99, there is a 50% drop in sales. But 77% of subscribers will purchase full price books.


Why feature a book on BookBub? Readers get…

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2 thoughts on “BookBub Explained

    • Hi, Wendy!

      I actually gave The Fussy Librarian a try last month, with both of my novels, though neither was on sale. I just ran it under their “Regular Low Price” heading. It goes out once, and they inform you ahead of time when it will be. My sales went up on both books but only by about ten books each. However, it is SO cheap that it’s not a bad idea for the money. (Less than $10 per listing). I plan to do it again, when my books are on sale or during a free promo. Also, on the release of my next one. It’s just one more weapon in the arsenal, and I need all the exposure I can get.

      It’s not the same kind of investment that something like BookBub is, plus it’s much easier to get approved. Just a few requirements, including a certain number of reviews. I think it was worth the small fee, even if the number of sales afterward didn’t go through the roof or anything. Maybe something to use in between bigger promos, to give sales a little kick.


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