Brief Update on the Meara COVID Situation

Just want to thank each and every one of you who’ve commented here or emailed me with encouraging words, support, prayers, positive thoughts, and  kind messages. You’ll never know just how much I’ve appreciated every single one of them. 

It’s only been a bit over 48 hours since Mark noticed the first symptoms Friday night, and got the bad news Saturday morning, but so far, the news is good. His symptoms have lessened a bit each day, and right now, he isn’t coughing or running a fever. He’s tired and napping off and on during the day, but that’s to be expected.

As for myself, I still feel fine. (Or as fine as I usually do, anyway, since I have a few health issues I’m always addressing.) In other words, I’m not feeling like I even need to be tested at this point, though I’m definitely staying HOME just in case. No need to endanger anyone else until I know for sure I’m not going to get sick.

So basically, all good news, and we are very hopeful that Mark’s symptoms will not get much worse, if they worsen at all. And hopefully, I’ll never get ANY. I do think we have our vaccinations to credit for his lack of serious progression to date, and hopefully, this is going to end well for both of us.

Thanks again for being such wonderful, supportive folks. You are appreciated and LOVED more than you know!


A Bit of Bad News

Well, folks, Life has thrown us a curveball once again, and it includes some pretty bad news, I’m afraid. My husband Mark tested positive for COVID this morning, and I’m still trying to get my head around what all this might mean. 

The good news is:

  1. We’ve both had our shots, which can mean milder cases with less severe symptoms for many people.
  2. They are setting him up to receive the IV medication that can also reduce the severity of symptoms. 
  3. Mark is incredibly healthy for his age (72) and almost never gets sick. (I think it’s been at least ten years since his last common cold.)
  4. He only developed symptoms last night, which we hope means I may not come down with this, too.
  5. He’s now isolated in the master bedroom for 10 to 14 days, depending on what other symptoms, if any, he develops. Again, this may help keep me safe.

The Bad News is:

  1. It’s COVID. Who really knows what will happen now?

I’m letting you know this is going on because I have no idea at all what the next week or two will bring for either of us, and if I disappear for a bit, you’ll know why. I WILL try to keep you updated as to how things are progressing. And all positive thoughts, prayers, healing energy, wizardly magic, and plain ol’ best wishes will be gratefully accepted in the meantime. 

Thanks!! And please, STAY SAFE out there! 🤗 ❤