Yep, it’s this week’s break day again, so I won’t be around much today. I’ll mostly be getting ready for my wildlife talk tomorrow, which means, I won’t be around much tomorrow either. By then, I’ll be busy setting up for said talk, giving said talk, and packing up to go home after said talk.

This being the case, I’m wishing you guys a great rest of your Friday and a wonderful Saturday. I’ll be back either Sunday or Monday. (Or both, if I’m lucky!)

You guys behave … or not … while I’m gone!

#BlogBreakFriday – #AmWriting (Fingers Crossed)

Just a reminder that I won’t be around much today, but if you need me, feel free to email. I’m always stopping by the desk to check on that. With any luck, I’ll make a bit more progress on my WIP, as I’m really anxious to get back in the writing groove again and get a few more stories told. 

We had an unbelievable storm this afternoon, out of nowhere. Lashing rain so heavy I couldn’t see the house across the street, and some terrible wind. It tore our gazebo right out of the ground, and ripped out three sections of the privacy fence between our backyard and our neighbors. (The gazebo was a canvas topped one attached to a wrought iron frame that Mark had screwed to our brick patio. The screws held, but the frame bent nearly flat. It’s totalled. *sigh* )

Luckily, no damage to the house, though Mark saw several large limbs down on houses here and there when he went for his late afternoon walk. No major damage that he could see for them either, but like us, a LOT of clean up involved. So, it’s going to be interesting to see if I can squeeze in some writing between the raking and trash removal tomorrow. I’m gonna give it my best shot, though.

You guys all have a great Freya’s Day
and hopefully a wonderful weekend ahead!
I’ll be back soon!



Just a quick reminder that I won’t be around much today, if at all. Yep, it’s #BlogBreakFriday for me, and I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff I need to work on today. The good news is, I’m having more and more pretty good days, while the Long Covid/Fatigue/BrainFog days are easing up a bit. I’m still having several each week, but they seem to start later in the day and go away earlier than they were. I’m going to take that as a sign they’ll soon disappear altogether. For now, however, they do cause me to fall a bit farther behind on all my projects, both written and here in the house and yard. 

Therefore, if I’m lucky today, I’ll feel good enough to get a whole bunch of stuff done, and another step closer to “normal” life again. (Well, what passes for normal for  me, anyway. 😉)

You guys have a wonderful Freya’s Day, and I’ll see you soon! 


Because I was gone most of yesterday, I cheated this morning and responded to a lot of great comments on various recent posts. But now I’m going to take a break for the rest of the day. (Probably.) Lots to do around here, and that could possibly even include some work on my novella. (I can always hope!)

Have a wonderful Freya’s Day, everyone, and I’ll see you here and there over the weekend.

Stay Safe and WELL!!

#This&That&TheOther Thing – #BlogBreakFriday


Just a quick note so you don’t think I’ve disappeared forever. Today is #BlogBreakFriday for me, and I want to assure you good people that I’ll be writing all day long, if all goes well. I have a novella to finish, and want to make some serious progress on what I hope will be a very interesting tale.


The last three weeks have been jam packed morning, noon, and night with work on house and yard projects, and in taking care of the many things that are changing now that my husband is officially retired. Who knew leaving a job would cause so much … well … WORK?!!? So many details to settle and changes to be made, and phone calls to place to get everything set up for what seems to be the biggest Life Change we’ve faced to date. Holy Moly! But we’re gradually making sense of it all and sorting out all the paperwork and meetings, from financial advisors to doctors, and more.


The good news is that soon, the dust will settle, Mark will be working part time with my son, our other changes will get made, and … TADA! … I’ll be able to do more than just “Like” and “Share” posts from all my favorite bloggers! I’m looking forward to that almost as much as finishing Cole, Cole, & Dupree!

So, in the famous words of Arnold the Terminator, “Ah’ll be back!”


And on that note,
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
See you again soon!

This & That & The Other Thing – Blog Break Friday


After spending the last 25 years as Chief Engineer of a big downtown building, working at the same desk, in the same office, but under several different management companies, my husband is now retired. He’d planned to work through the rest of the year, but realized he really didn’t want to wait any longer. (He’ll be 73 in November, so had already worked much longer than many).

At any rate, this decision has meant we have LOTS to take care of and set up all of a sudden. And being a man of many talents and loads of energy, Mark also plans to work part time, possibly for my son, but also doing some other things. This means yet more stuff to set up. Combine all of this with all the  house and yard projects we are in the middle of around here, and my time will not be my own for a couple of weeks. For those of you whose blogs I regularly follow, I will do my best to Like & Share for now, and will get back to commenting again as soon as I can, honest! I know you guys will understand! 😊❤️


While I will continue running #ThorsDaySmile and #GrannySays on alternate weeks, and will also continue scheduling guest posts for any and all who’d like to take part in #GuestDayTuesday or #TenThingsYouMayNotKnowAbout Me, I’m pretty sure I won’t be posting much myself for the next few weeks. I’m still taking my one day a week Blog Break–those will likely be a permanent thing– but I’ll return to my regular (busier and more fun) schedule around here as soon as possible.  Just wanted to be sure you guys know it’s not always going to be this slow on TWS, and that there’s nothing dire going on. Just busy, busy, busy at the moment, BUT … never too busy to schedule guests! Honest!


Yep, today is Blog Break Friday, so I’m going to wrap this post up now that I’ve updated you. And thanks again for understanding why my visits to other blogs will probably be limited for a couple more weeks!