#This&That&TheOther Thing – #BlogBreakFriday


Just a quick note so you don’t think I’ve disappeared forever. Today is #BlogBreakFriday for me, and I want to assure you good people that I’ll be writing all day long, if all goes well. I have a novella to finish, and want to make some serious progress on what I hope will be a very interesting tale.


The last three weeks have been jam packed morning, noon, and night with work on house and yard projects, and in taking care of the many things that are changing now that my husband is officially retired. Who knew leaving a job would cause so much … well … WORK?!!? So many details to settle and changes to be made, and phone calls to place to get everything set up for what seems to be the biggest Life Change we’ve faced to date. Holy Moly! But we’re gradually making sense of it all and sorting out all the paperwork and meetings, from financial advisors to doctors, and more.


The good news is that soon, the dust will settle, Mark will be working part time with my son, our other changes will get made, and … TADA! … I’ll be able to do more than just “Like” and “Share” posts from all my favorite bloggers! I’m looking forward to that almost as much as finishing Cole, Cole, & Dupree!

So, in the famous words of Arnold the Terminator, “Ah’ll be back!”


And on that note,
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
See you again soon!

11 thoughts on “#This&That&TheOther Thing – #BlogBreakFriday

  1. Happy retirement to Mark. My late husband retired once from his thirty years in the police then despite declaring he was going to do something completely different, worked as a civilian for Dorset police. He went to 3 days leading up to his second retirement. Then we divied up the housework and had plenty of time for outings with other retired couples etc He also had friends to meet up with and to go on photography trips with and I carried on with my writers’ group etc so never got under each others’ feet.

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