#GuestPost with #RobbieCheadle on #WritingToBeRead – #Poetry

My sincere thanks go out to Robbie Cheadle for inviting me to be a poetry guest today on her Writing to be Read blog. I really enjoyed answering the questions Robbie posed, and I hope you’ll stop by her blog to check out the post. (NOTE: Crossing my fingers I have the time difference sorted properly.)

You can find the post HERE

Thanks again, Robbie!


14 thoughts on “#GuestPost with #RobbieCheadle on #WritingToBeRead – #Poetry

    • Thank YOU for the invitation, Robbie, and for putting together a lovely post, including your wonderful review of A Boy Named Rabbit. I don’t often get a chance to share my poetry, and I truly appreciate the chance to visit with you and your followers. I hope they’ll enjoy meeting me as much as I’m enjoying meeting them! A super fun way to start my day! 😊❤️😊

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    • It’s always great to see you visiting, Michael, and today is no exception. Thank you so much for stopping by Robbie’s place, too. I was very happy for the chance to visit her and talk about poetry, and it was fun to see you there, too! 😀 ❤


    • I did see you, Harmony, and was so pleased that you took a moment to stop by. Thanks so much for your support, and I hope you enjoyed the post. Visiting with Robbie was a real treat, and talking about poetry is always fun for me. Hope you enjoyed the post! 😊❤️😊

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    • Thank you so much for visiting there, Mae. I’ll be heading back over shortly. What a fun chance to share some poems, and I loved the way Robbie put it all together, including her thoughts on both my poetry and on A Boy Named Rabbit. A super start to my day, for sure! 😊❤️😊

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    • Thanks so much, Gwen. I’m really enjoying the visit with Robbie & friends, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post, too. I appreciate your stopping by to let me know, and here’s to a great “rest of the week!” 😊❤️


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