#BadMoonRising – #TeriPolen – A Month of #HalloweenFun

Hurricane cleanup has kept me so busy, I completely forgot to post about author Teri Polen’s fabulous month-long series of guest posts, Bad Moon Rising!  This is one of my favorite blogging “events,” and I’m happy to say, I’ll be a guest this year, too. I’ll try to share links when I can, but hope you’ll excuse me if I miss some. Things are still a mess around here.

Here’s the link for today’s guest post, featuring Victoria Zigler, and while you’re there, I hope you’ll check out the first 7 guests, too.

  Bad Moon Rising Day 8 with Victoria Zigler


13 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising – #TeriPolen – A Month of #HalloweenFun

    • You’re welcome, Pam, and no, clean-up isn’t fun, but we are SOOO lucky that, with the exception of having the tree removed from our roof, that’s all we’ve had to deal with. No real damage, just lots and lots of debris. (It’s heartbreaking to know that’s not the way of it in southwest Florida.)

      Thanks for stopping by today! 😀 ❤

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        • Thanks, Pam! This time around, the tree on the roof only damaged a few shingles that Mark could fix. Last time around (Irma, 5 years ago), it smashed our entire garage nearly flat and seriously damaged our car. $85,000 worth of damage to the garage necessitating a new roof, and a ton of repairs/new paintjob to the car, too. What a mess that was! So we are feeling VERY lucky to merely have a lot of blown down debris to clear out this time. Especially when I see more and more pictures from southwest Florida, where entire neighborhoods were washed away. And SO many lives lost!!! Yep. We were lucky, indeed! 😀 ❤

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    • Isn’t Bad Moon Rising a FUN event, Diana? I just love it, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it, too.

      As for overdoing it, I’m pacing myself as best I can. I worked really hard this morning, but then collapsed in the Comfy Chair for a lengthy rest. Staying safe is my goal, for sure!

      And thanks so much for stopping by today! You stay safe, as well! 🤗❤️🤗

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