#Apologies – Two More #GuestDayTuesday Posts ARE Coming!!

I totally messed up in this morning’s post when I said I had no more guests scheduled this year! That was a blatant error! I do have 2 more posts already scheduled: Mike Allegra will be here on Oct 18 to celebrate the release of his new book, Sleepy, Happy Capy Cuddles. AND Jackie Lambert will be here on  Nov 15 with another Writer’s Travelogue post. 

My only excuse for this mistake is that they aren’t kidding when they talk about Long COVID and brain fog. (At least, that’s what I’m going to blame for this error, rather than just general old age and incipient senility!) So sorry for the mistake, Mike and Jackie!

Folks, I know you’re going to enjoy both of these posts, so do be sure to check them out! Thanks!!

*slinking off now, in shame and embarrassment*


3 thoughts on “#Apologies – Two More #GuestDayTuesday Posts ARE Coming!!

  1. Not a problem! We’d have seen the new postings when they appeared – and it’s reassuring that it’s not only me who messes up on here. In fact, how often have you come riding to my rescue?! Don’t stress – it makes the brain hurt. ❤ 😀 ❤


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