Still Here! #Update

Most of Southwest Florida looks like this picture of Fort Myres

Just wanted to let you know we are still here. While the generator kept us going most of yesterday, we lost internet shortly after my last check in. Without internet, we had no way to keep up with the storm, and it was a long, scary afternoon and evening. Ran out of gas for the generator during the middle of the night, so Mark is gone to see if he can find a gas station with power at the pumps. 

Spectrum is back now, but if we can’t find gas, we’ll be without power again, and I won’t be able to get online. I WILL at least be able to check news on my phone apps as long as internet stays on. It was horrible not knowing what was going on. 

In spite of this, we are SO blessed to have been spared. I’m just seeing the most recent pictures out of south Florida and they are unbelievable. In my LONG life here, I’ve never seen such terrible devastation over such a large area. It breaks my heart! Entire communities of homes are either smashed flat or  COMPLETELY submerged beneath the flood water! 

Will check in later, if we still have power and internet.  I’m hoping it lasts long enough for me to respond to earlier posts, but we’ll see. In the meantime, please stay safe, especially those of you who are still in harm’s way as the storm moves north! 

19 thoughts on “Still Here! #Update

  1. The images I’ve seen are terrible. So glad you are safe. Some of the trailing bands are starting to make their way through here now. It’s not bad right now, a little breezy and light rain, but later this afternoon and evening will be some heavier rain and some storms with a chance for a tornado or two.

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  2. You have been in my prayers, my friend. I can’t believe the wreckage that has happened in Florida.

    My cousin and his wife who have a condo overlooking the mariana in Fort Myers rode out the hurricane, but they said the marina is completely obliterated. They have left and reached their main home in Georgia. They said it will likely be months before they are able to return. They moved to Fort Myers two years ago from Sanibel Island. I am so thankful they did, as I’m sure the home in Sanibel is gone. At the very least they would be cut off.

    I am so thankful you and Mark got through the worst of it. Check in when you can, and know that you are in the hearts and prayers of many. ❤️

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