#HurricaneIan – #Aftermath – #Update

Another Amazing Rescue in Progress!

Hi, Everyone! Just wanted to get out  a quick update in case the internet goes again.  We were incredibly lucky, considering a) what’s happened to the folks in south Florida and b) even parts of our county received a great deal of flooding, leaving several roads still underwater. Here’s the scoop on us:

  1. My son and his family (who live just 2 hours north of us) weren’t hit hard at all, and escaped any damage to their home, so that was the best news of all for us!
  2. Power finally came back on late yesterday, so three days without in this very hot weather. It was not fun, but with the generator, we were able to run ceiling fans, cook on the range, have overhead lights, and run the little a/c in the bedroom for sleeping at night. Compared to so many, many people, we have NOTHING to complain about. Again, we were truly lucky! 
  3. Of course, we spent a LOT of money on gas for the generator, but it’s still the best investment we ever made.  
  4. Internet is still a bit intermittent, but I don’t have time to be online anyway, as we are busy cleaning up heaps and piles of debris all over our yard. But again, we still have a house and a yard, with no major damage, so … LUCKY!
  5. We were able to find a tree service actually still working in our area and not off helping the far more desperate folks down south. They came, got the tree off the house, cut it up and stacked it on the curb for city pickup. They were super fast and efficient, and we were very, very grateful. Cost us $1200, but it could have been much,  much worse.
  6. Only a small patch of shingles were damaged by the tree being on the roof for two days, and Mark is busy replacing them with shingles left over from the new roof we had to get after Hurricane Irma 5 years ago. So happy there was no other damage to the house this time around! (Unlike the $85,000 worth to the house, and $3,500 worth to our car, last time.) Did I mention LUCKY??
  7. And last, we are very, very grateful and appreciative of all the well wishes and prayers from so many of you! I don’t have words enough to tell you what it means to know folks were thinking about, and praying for, all of us here in Florida. Many, many thanks to each of you, and I’ll be checking in through the days ahead as time allows.

NOTE: I have back-to-back guests on TWS again this week that I know you’ll enjoy. Jackie Lambert will be here on Tuesday, and Kassandra Lamb will be here on Wednesday. I may or may not be able to comment much, but I know you’ll make them welcome!

Now, back to debris removal! 

25 thoughts on “#HurricaneIan – #Aftermath – #Update

    • I know! It’s hard to even WATCH what they are going through, and how many communities are completely lost. I’m a Florida native, and I’ve been through many, many hurricanes in my long life. I’ve never seen one as bad as Ian. So terrible! Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Sharon! There’s no doubt we lucked out in comparison to so many, many people and communities. And Mark has even finished patching up the shingle damage, so no need for inspections, claims, adjustors, etc. We’re good to go for now. 🙂 ❤

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  1. Relieved to hear you got away fairly lightly – but I don’t underestimate the fear and anxiety you must have experienced. I know you must be desperate to clear up the debris, etc, but please pace yourself and stop when you need to. Many thanks for the update. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I’m so pleased to hear you’ve been lucky this time. As you say, things are so hard at the moment there… Take care and I hope things get back to some sort of normality as soon as possible. Thinking of everybody and hoping building work can start soon again.

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  3. Well done so far Marcia, good thing you were prepared, glad the family are fine, but so sorry for every person swept up in the disaster. As with all natural disasters, to lose your home is awful, but to have your neighbourhood wiped out is beyond imagining.

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  4. I was so happy to read through your list and find all the ways in which you were Lucky, Marcia. It helps to look around and count our blessings, to know that our troubles are minor in the grand scheme of things. Take care and my thoughts are with you and all those in Florida who have lost so much. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. Wow Marcia. Thanks for letting us know. I was thinking about you as the TV kept showing the aftermath heading close to you. Yes lucky, and minimal damage compared to Irma’s wake, but ouchee the costs. Still you guys are alive and well and do have a roof over your heads. God bless ❤


  6. So glad you were spared the worst of Ian this time around. Even here in Australia we’ve been getting horrifying reports of the damage the storm has wreaked. Stay safe.


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