#HurricaneIan – #Update

Just wanted to let you know we are alive, and mostly well. While Ian had slowed to Tropical Storm speeds when it passed over us, we still got a ton of wind and rain, and for the first time that I can remember, flash flood warnings were issued for our county. We still came through remarkably well, compared to southwest Florida.

We did, however, have a TREE FALL ON OUR HOUSE AGAIN!!!! This time, it was a very tall, spindly live oak that the tree people said didn’t need to come down. It was all the way at the back of our property, and Mark didn’t think it would catch enough wind to fall. But with all the weeks of daily heavy rain, the soil was totally saturated, and it just plan FELL over, roots and all. It is lying across the master bedroom roof, but doesn’t look like it damaged it. We won’t know for sure until the rain and wind gusts finally stop and Mark can take a closer look. He might even be able to cut it in pieces and drop them over the edge himself, thus saving us $800 – $1000, and a LONG wait in line for a tree service. We’ll decide on that as soon as he can get up there and assess the situation.

For now, we have lost power, but the generator is working like a charm.  We also lost internet for about an hour, but it’s back, at least for now. The important thing is WE are safe, our house is safe, and best of all, my son & family is safe, too! (They are two hours north of us, and didn’t get nearly as much wind and rain as we did. YAY!)

With the power not restored, we are having to cope with heat, as the main a/c is too much for the generator, and we have an enormous clean-up job ahead of us, once it finally stops raining. But the bottom line is, we are alive and safe, and our house is still standing! I’m filled with gratitude for that, and praying for those who haven’t fared as well.  Also sending prayers to those still in harm’s way as Ian crawls northward, bringing more storm surges, wind, and rain to others in the path.

I’ll probably be pretty scarce for a couple more days, but I’ll check in with updates when I can.  Stay safe, everyone!

20 thoughts on “#HurricaneIan – #Update

  1. I’m so relieved you’re safe! So sorry about that one darn tree … the universe has a wry sense of humour for sure. Glad your family is safe too. Take care, both of you, and stay safe. Thinking of you all and sending more love and hugs and wishes for coming through with as little scathing as possible 💕🙂💕

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  2. We’re so happy and relieved to hear your’re safe, but sorry about the tree.
    We’ve all been keeping our fingers and paws crossed for you. Sending you much love and hoping you’re back to some semblence of normality soon. It must have been a terrible few days for you all. My heart goes out to you. xx

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  3. Thanks for the update, Marcia. Sorry that the insignificant tree turned out to be a little more significant, but at least it’s not as bad as that monster that came down with Irma. Hoping that the damage is negligible, and relieved that you’ve come through this relatively unscathed. ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Trees used to come down the way you described in our area from oversaturation, but we’ve been in a drought for the last six years. Glad the damage was fairly minor.


  5. You warned big trees would likely fall because of oversaturation. It’s just amazing that holding up giant oaks are tap roots that typically don’t exceed five feet and other widespread scrawnier roots! It’s fortunate your oak was spindly. Thank God your family is okay.


  6. I’m so thankful you and your family are safe. Thank goodness no one was hurt and there was minimal damage when that tree fell. Grateful for the update–thinking of you as the cleanup begins. ❤


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