38 thoughts on “#GrannySays – #Humor #Inspiration #Wisdom

  1. Granny’s right! And it makes so much sense to focus on the positive. It’s windy here – the doors are rattling, car alarms sounding, loose stuff’s banging/flying, and I suspect the power may not last much longer. However, all is forecast to calm down this evening and we won’t starve or run out of good literature! (Granny knows a thing or two!) ā¤

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    • I’m so sorry you are having this awful weather, but happy that you know it won’t last, and all will be well in the end. And best of all, the calm peace that follows the wind will seem even more wonderful after having gone through the storm. Granny has learned a thing or two over these many years, even if some of them had to be pounded into her hard head. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

      Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you are soon seeing clear skies again! šŸ¤—šŸ’–šŸ¤—

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    • Glad you enjoyed Granny’s thoughts today, Priscilla. Sometimes we have to let off a bit of steam after bad things happen, but then we need to open our eyes to the blessings that are still there.

      Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking a moment to say hello! Have a great one! šŸ˜€ ā¤


    • I’m glad you agree with Granny today, Jeanne. It’s unreasonable to think that every moment of every day will be sunshine and roses. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to look for the good stuff that’s hidden amidst the storm.

      Thanks so much for stopping by this morning and taking a moment to say hello! šŸ˜€ ā¤


    • Precisely! If you look for it, you will find it … either way, pretty much. So why not look for the good, instead of the bad? Life is better that way!

      Thanks for stopping by this morning, Sharon! Have a great day! šŸ˜€ ā¤


    • I’ll pass your lovely comments along to Granny, Gwen. This is one of those mornings when she’s busy looking for the good stuff, and your comment definitely qualifies! šŸ˜ THANKS! šŸ˜Š And yes, we often forget that we have to do our part in finding and enjoying the bright moments of each day, and that it’s SO worth that effort!

      Have a wonderful Freya’s Day, Gwen, and a peaceful, relaxing weekend! šŸ¤—šŸ’–šŸ¤—


    • Thank you, Denise. I shall let her know post-haste! And I predict she’ll be very happy about that! šŸ˜

      Thanks so much for stopping by today, too. It’s always great to see you pop in! šŸ˜€ ā¤


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