Thank You & Going MIA Again!

Just want to say a quick thank you to all who offered support and commiseration yesterday. I was really freaked out, as you may have surmised.  I’ve done all the things suggested, including a few I already knew, and the good news is that (SO FAR) my computer is running fine today. John, Windows Defender told me there were no problems at all and that my system was good to go. I’ve saved the instructions, though, just in case it goes off the rails again.

The bad news (you knew there had to be some, right?) is that I still have a program to give Saturday, and a whole lotta people have reserved seats. But, more bad news, I’m only 2/3 done with the slideshow. URK. That means I will be MIA from the blogging world in general until I finish this presentation. Hopefully, it won’t extend beyond today, but it has to be done, even if it spills over into tomorrow. I will take a break later this afternoon to “Like” and Tweet where I can, but that’s about all I’ll be able to do until this project is ready for Prime Time.

The other good news, is this is the last new program I have to create for this year! I’m not doing any talks in December, and hopefully that will give me time to get a few more new ones ready before the new year arrives. 

Thanks for your understanding and your help, and hope to be back by tomorrow. (So I guess that means I better get ON IT right now!! I think I hear a crested caracara calling me!) See you soon!



14 thoughts on “Thank You & Going MIA Again!

  1. Glad your computer appears to have learned its lesson. You need to prioritise and we can all identify with where you’re coming from – the thing that HAS to be done goes top of the list. Forget everything else until that one’s safely sorted. We’ll still be here. 🙂 ❤


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