37 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile #Humor

    • So glad you enjoyed them, Olga, and thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to let me know. It’s very appreciated. 😊

      And yes, I’m still feeling better each day, though the fatigue thing is ongoing. I do plan (HOPE) to be back to my normal blogging routine and features by October 1, fingers crossed. I’ll be putting out calls then for guest posters, etc, so stay tuned! 😀


    • Hehe! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and even found one that stood out for you! They all made me laugh, too. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a moment to comment. Always good to see you here! 😀 ❤

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    • So glad you enjoyed them, Jeanne, and yep to that 2-second dog! Our dachsies were exactly that! On the plus side, I hardly ever had to pick up any food that hit the floor, and they usually left the tile nice and clean, too. Hahahaha.

      Thanks for stopping by today and letting me know you enjoyed these. 😀 ❤

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    • Thanks, Gwen! That’s what you’d called a Plethora of Pugs, isn’t it? 😀 So glad you enjoyed these today, and thanks for stopping by to let me know. I hope they keep you smiling all day long! 🤗 ❤

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  1. I love the animal theme today. These were awesome, Marcia. So much fun!

    My favorite is the hungry cat. Now I know how Raven feels when she meows she’s hungry and I meow back at her, LOL. Happy ThorsDay (says the girl from Camp Loki)!

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    • Glad you enjoyed them, Sue! Thanks for taking a moment to let me know, and hopefully, I’m a step closer to getting back to my usual routine. Feeling a wee bit better each day, and looking forward to resuming my Real Life again. 😀 ❤

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