Checkin’ In With an #Update

Good News for the most part! Mark’s first week back at work went well, though his energy level is lower than usual, and all of my symptoms are long gone, except for recurring bouts of fatigue, which are getting farther apart and lasting a shorter duration. So, we BOTH seem to be out of the woods, and between the vaccine and having actually had COVID, we now have double protection against future illness. Or so they say. (If you pick up on a wee bit of skepticism there, it’s only because what “they say” seems to change pretty much daily.) But, I do feel incredibly lucky and like we dodged the bullet for the most part, since we’ve both had bad colds that were worse than this turned out to be, thanks to the vaccines. 

I’m hoping to gradually return to a more normal blogging routine by next week, as I don’t want to push myself when I’m still having spells where I have to go lie down for a bit. But never fear. I have some posts already scheduled, including a #GuestDayTuesday post this week and a #TenThings post next Wednesday. I’ll probably have a #ThorsDaySmile post this week, too, as I think we need all the smiles we can get. 

And when I’m “officially back” again, I’ll catch you up on the links to #StoryEmpire and #Smorgasbord posts as well, in case there are any you missed. In the meantime, please stay safe, everybody, and if you’ve been hesitant about getting the vaccine, I heartily recommend you go for it. I’m pretty sure it saved my life. 


That’s all for now, but I’ll be back before you know it.

22 thoughts on “Checkin’ In With an #Update

  1. Great news, Marcia! I’m glad you’re waiting a bit before leaping back into action – the people I’ve spoken to who’ve had Covid after vaccination have said that the fatigue is the worst part of it and not to try to push through it. You were in the one of the highest risk categories and I dread to think how things would have been if you’d not had the vaccine. Over here, the age of people ending up in hospital is lowering all the time and the papers are full of stories of fit people in their thirties and forties who’ve not bothered to get the vaccine and paid the ultimate price for it. So, get all the rest you can. I’ve missed you and need you back firing on all cylinders (well, most of them anyway!!). ❤

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  2. So glad to hear you and Mark are both doing well, Marcia. I know a few people who have gotten COVID after having the vaccine and they all had mild symptoms. What a difference!
    Take care, rest up, and come back when you’re ready. Your friends will be here! ❤

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  3. Glad to hear things are going so well. I wasn’t feeling terrible, but I had three days of a sore throat and chills this week. On Wednesday, I went in to get tested. Thankfully, it was negative, and I’ve felt more myself the past two days. The virus numbers in our area are at an all-time high.

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    • Thanks, Craig, and no, it’s not over. But the good thing for us in Florida (so far, knock wood) is that while new cases are going up, hospitalizations and deaths are dropping every day. Praying that part stays the same, and that eventually new cases will drop, too.

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