Update: Giving COVID a KNOCK-OUT Punch Around Here!

Just HAD to take a moment to let you know that Mark is cleared to return to work tomorrow. Yep! He has prevailed! Retest was negative, so there’s ONE down, and one to go. 

As for me, my symptoms are almost totally gone, so I think I’m probably going to prevail, too, though I won’t know for sure until I get tested. I’m waiting the required 10 days quarantine, then will test to be SURE it’s safe for me to get back to giving my wildlife talks. But I’m feeling 99.9% sure I’m going to be okay, too, thanks to having gotten both shots weeks ago. As someone with three strikes against them health-wise, in addition to my age, I have no doubt that without the vaccine, I’d probably have ended up in the hospital, and likely intubated.   If you are hesitant about being vaccinated, I hope you’ll give it more consideration now. It can and does save lives, even if it’s not perfect, yet.

I’m still resting, taking it easy, AND isolating/quarantining here at home, but I feel more and more optimistic every day that I’ll come through this just like Mark has!

Thanks again for all your well wishes, prayers, love, and support! You guys ROCK!

27 thoughts on “Update: Giving COVID a KNOCK-OUT Punch Around Here!

  1. I wrote this little Decima poem back in April…

    Vaccine Day… But Not the Blues April 28th, 2021

    Halleluiah, I greet the dawn.
    Today’s the day, it’s come around.
    Smiled at the sky, and kissed the ground,
    COVID-19, you WILL be gone.

    Been quite a trip, the trip we’re on
    A locked-up life, the deaths we’ve seen,
    maintaining pandemic hygiene.
    Not over yet, will take a while.
    I’ll stand in line, do it in style,
    give my thanks to Pfizer vaccine.

    And then in June…this little effort…

    The Second Coming…So to Speak

    Today I get my second shot,
    My Pfizer dream will be complete.
    It surely is a vaccine feat,
    though skeptics have suggested not.

    I think I have a better thought,
    as someone slightly in the know,
    who cares to watch the wise winds blow,
    the way of life, the shape of time,
    as science seeks the perfect rhyme
    to lay plague and pestilence low.

    All the best Marcia,



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    • Wonderful, Bill!! And I can’t resist responding, even though I’m supposed to be in the Comfy Chair now. I agree with you all the way through. A wise person once said something like “Always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Just in case, you know? So while I’d hoped I wouldn’t catch it, I felt my best option was to prepare for the chance that I might. And I am pretty sure it was exactly the right thing to do.

      Will keep you guys all updated, though I may or may not have the energy to comment often. It seems that fatigue has been the worst of the symptoms I’ve gone through, but given some of the other things that I could have been dealing with, A few naps are a small price to pay. I’ll take it!

      Thanks for sharing that, and please continue to stay safe and HEALTHY!!! 🤗


  2. If my knees were up to it I’d be doing a happy dance! This is brilliant news, Marcia. Take things easy now to build your strength up – I understand that some people feel tired for a while afterwards. ❤

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  3. That is great news Marcia for both of you.. And delighted you will be back to your wildlife talks soon. I certainly feel more confident that we will be less affected by the virus now we have both been vaccinated and recommend especially as you say, for someone with lower defences than others..Hope you are firing on all cylinders and rockin’ soon..♥♥

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