#ReblogAlert – This Week on Story Empire

Another super week with the good folks over on the #StoryEmpire blog. If you’ve missed anything, you’ll want to check it out. As always, it’s truly good stuff!

MONDAY:  Happy Independence Day Greeting HERE

WEDNESDAY: Mae Clair has a super post entitled What I Learned from High School History that really struck home with me. Check it out HERE.

FRIDAY: Jan Sikes is starting a new series on marketing that you will not want to miss. Read her first post entitled Every Author’s  Four-Letter Word #Mktg HERE 

And there you have it, folks! Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert – This Week on Story Empire

    • My pleasure to share, Craig. The weather has returned to normal around these parts, namely, hot as blue blazes in the morning, hitting 90+ by noon, and then the black clouds roll in for our afternoon thunderstorms. This isn’t my favorite time of year, but it beats the heck out of a menacing hurricane heading this way.😁 I’ll take it. 😊

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        • Oh how I wish I could, Craig. The only good thing is that a long dry spell killed large patches of our front lawn (which is only there because Mark likes it), and we’ve had to put out grass plugs in the bare patches, Those are very happy with all the rain over the last two weeks. But enough is enough, and I’d love to share with you guys out west. A protracted drought is an awful thing, and I hope you get rain SOON! Fingers crossed! 🌧🌧🌧

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  1. Thank you for reblogging these posts, Marcia. I’m happy to see the storm has passed and you’ve emerged whole. YAY. Nature can surely surprise us with its fury. Sending hugs. 🤗

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    • You’re welcome, Gwen, and thanks so much for the big ol’ “YAY!” That’s what I’ve been saying, too! 😁 We sure lucked out! And yep. It never pays to fool around with Mother Nature! 😉😊


    • You’re very welcome, Joan, and thanks. This one was all over the place. A hurricane, then a tropical storm, then a hurricane again, then a storm. Going this way, no wait! Going that way. No, wait again, it could go this other way. GAH. That’s what I hate most about hurricane season, and never take it lightly. Just when you don’t bother to prepare, you’re sure to get slammed. Urk! But this time, we in central Florida lucked out! Whew! 😊

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