#Reblog Alert – This Week on Story Empire

Once again, Story Empire has presented a fabulous week of excellent posts. You’re gonna want to take a look at all of these, if you haven’t already done so.

MONDAY:Β  John W. Howell starts the week off with a great post entitled Writing Motivation Killers Are Out There — Let’s Discuss Three of Them. The title says it all, and believe me, you’ll want to check it out HERE.

WEDNESDAY: Joan Hall’s mid-week post, entitled simply Words, is full of interesting tidbits and is a lot of fun, especially if you are a lover of new words and coined phrases throughout history. Check it out HERE.

FRIDAY: Staci Troilo wraps up the week with a super post called Developing Your Villain. This one has some great tips even for those of us who don’t write murder mysteries, etc, because Staci explains how to strengthen the contrast between any character up to no good and the protagonist of the tale. Check it out HERE.

And there you go, folks! Great stuff, huh?

28 thoughts on “#Reblog Alert – This Week on Story Empire

    • Happy to share, Joan! And I hope you have a great weekend, too. I’m giving a talk on Florida foxes tomorrow, and looking forward to that, for sure. Then Mark will be home until Wednesday, so we’ve got some more yard projects lined up. Might be my last weekend trying to work outside in this heat, but I’ve got some new plants to put in the ground, so I’m looking forward to getting that done. 😊

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        • Fingers crossed. It now looks like Hurricane Elsa will be on us by Tuesday morning, so a lot to do between now and then, and non-stop rain forecast for the next four days. 😨 Fingers crossed that it dies out before reaching us, but current forecast doesn’t look good. *sigh*

          Hope YOU have a wonderful Independence Day, and I’ll update folks as to what’s happening here in central Florida as the weekend progresses. We’d planned four days of yard work to wrap up several projects, but even with a hit from the storm, four days of rain pretty much puts the kibosh on that. Why do I keep hearing Roseanne Roaseannadanna going, “It’s AAAAALLLL-ways somethin’!” ??? 😏

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            • Thanks, Mae. Just posted an update. Things are still pretty iffy, though it’s a smaller storm (so far) than some we’ve been through. And it looks like we will be included in the outer bands, at the very least, but these storms are so fickle, anything can happen. I won’t be surprised if we need to set up the generator for a day or so. *sigh* But if this is the biggest one this year’s Hurricane Season sends our way, I’ll be happy. Surprised, but happy! πŸ˜€

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  1. Thanks for these, Marcia! I’m a bit late coming to the party. Hope the talk went well (I’m sure it did!) and if it rains, I’d say that was an excellent excuse to do some writing or reading… ❀

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    • You’re welcome, Trish. Hope you enjoyed them. The talk went great! I think everyone enjoyed it and there were quite a few surprises included. Things about these two animals folks didn’t even dream of. I know I didn’t know, until I discovered the facts during my research. So that was fun.

      Staying inside for a storm could be a good chance to write, except for that part where bad storms can mean loss of power for hours on end. We do have our generator ready to go, but it won’t run the computer. We can keep the fridge going, the window a/c in the bedroom, and a couple of lights, but not a lot more than that. However, the good news is, it might miss us. We’re still watching closely, as the projected speed and landfall changes hourly. Will keep you posted. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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