#GuestDayTuesday – #Promo – #BlogTour – Cold Dark Night by Joan Hall

First #GuestDayTuesday in some time, and I’m happy to say that today’s guest is a good friend who has an outstanding new book to share with you. (Finished it last week and absolutely loved it!) Please welcome Joan Hall to The Write Stuff. Joan, take it away!

Cold Dark Night: Inner Voices

Thank you for hosting me today, Marcia for this last stop on my promo tour for my newest release, Cold Dark Night. It’s the first novel in the Legends of Madeira series. Each book begins with a historical event that ties to modern day.

I think a lot of writers use personal experiences in their books. I know I do. Today’s excerpt isn’t something that happened to me, but to my mom.

Some of my earliest memories are when my mother told me stories of real-life experiences. I think hearing those tidbits of family history is part of what fueled my desire to become a writer. The ones that most intrigued me were those steeped in mystery or unexplained events.

When I was a small child, we lived in the country where my parents purchased forty acres of land. We lived in a rented house across the road. Mom and Dad also bought a milk cow. Anyone who has lived on a farm knows milking is an every-day occurrence. One winter evening near dusk, Mom left the house to do the daily chore, leaving me and my older brother, who had the flu, at home.

She hadn’t walked far when an inner voice said, “Don’t go.” Knowing she had to milk the cow, she argued with herself. The inner voice spoke to her a second time, the tone more urgent. “Don’t go.” When it happened the third time, “I. Said. Don’t. Go,” Mom heeded the warning.

It was that incident that inspired a scene in Cold Dark Night.


I’ll still feel better once you get your carry permit.

Jason’s words replayed in Tami’s head, and her apprehension increased as she got closer to home. Not a gut-wrenching fear, but an annoying feeling like moths niggling her stomach.

She turned on the satellite radio, hoping music would help ease her mind, only to hear the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Catchy tune but not the words she wanted to hear tonight.

“Well, that’s just peachy.” She quickly changed to a station playing holiday tunes. By the time she reached her driveway, the upbeat song, coupled with the glow of Christmas lights, lifted her spirits.

I wonder what this house looked like when Ruth first moved here.

From everything Tami had heard, the woman spared no expense when it came to decorating. What she and Jason had—a few lights around the porch overhang, a wreath, and a modest Christmas tree couldn’t compare, but they gave the old house a warm and inviting feeling. She hoped to do better next year. Maybe even host a Christmas party.

Her calmness was short-lived. As Tami neared the garage, she noticed the light at the back door wasn’t burning though it had been when she left.

Maybe the bulb is burned out. Strange. Jason changed it only a couple of days ago.

After putting the SUV in park, she killed the engine, then started to reach for the door handle.

Don’t go in the house.

Where had that thought come from? Except for the porch light, everything looked normal.

She needed to get a grip on her over-active imagination. Shrugging, she reached for the door again.

Don’t go in the house.

Tami tried to ignore the shiver that went down her spine. She was being ridiculous. All she could do was sit in the car and wait for Jason to get home. Or ignore the inner voice. She touched the handle a third time.




New husband, new house, new town… and a new mystery to solve.

Tami Montgomery thought her police chief husband was going to be the only investigator in the family when she gave up her journalism career and moved with him to Madeira, New Mexico.

But after the historical society asks her to write stories for a book celebrating the town’s history, she becomes embroiled in a new mystery. If she can’t solve this one, she could lose everything. Her research uncovers a spate of untimely deaths of local law enforcement officials. Further digging reveals a common link—they all lived in the house she and Jason now share.

Tami isn’t a superstitious person, but the circumstances are too similar for coincidence. Then she unearths an even more disturbing pattern. And if history repeats itself, her husband will be the next to die.

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50 thoughts on “#GuestDayTuesday – #Promo – #BlogTour – Cold Dark Night by Joan Hall

  1. I’m glad your mom listened to that warning, Joan. It really feels real when we can add those moments to our stories!

    Thanks for hosting, Marcia:)

    Liked by 3 people

    • I wondered the same thing, Priscilla. Guess we’ll never know the answer to that. If you haven’t yet read Cold Dark Night yet, I hope you get a chance to do so soon. It’s very good! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂


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  3. I’ve always wondered that, Priscilla. It could have been a person lurking nearby or maybe a wild animal. Mom wasn’t sure, just that she knew after the third warning she’d better obey.


    • It’s my pleasure to have you as a guest, Joan. And you earned every word of my review, believe me. I don’t do long ones that give away too much of the story line, but I ALWAYS say exactly what I mean, and I really enjoyed Cold Dark Night! So cleverly done and super entertaining. Great job, and I hope it sells like hotcakes! 🙂

      And thanks for including The Write Stuff on your tour. It’s great fun to have you here for the wrap up! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Reading your mom’s experience gave me goosebumps, Joan. I’m glad she listened to that inner voice. I love how you were able to incorporate the idea into Cold Dark Night.

    It’s been fun following your tour. I’ve enjoyed all the stops, and you know I loved the book, especially given Jason had the lead. 🙂 It’s a fabulous story that I recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery twined with history and folklore.

    Many thanks for hosting Joan today, Marcia!

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  5. A chilling excerpt, Joan! And now I am still wondering what the voice warned your mom about. 🙂 This book is up next for me as soon as I finish the one I’m in the middle of and I can’t wait!!! Best wishes to you, and thank you to Marcia for hosting!

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  6. Like most everyone, I’m wondering what the voice was warning your mom about. But I agree you should always listen to it. It’s saved me from disasters more than once. Hope your tour has been a great one, Joan – thanks for hosting, Marcia!

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