#ThorsDaySmile #Laughter #Humor

What with all the strange news about UFOs lately, I thought maybe studying life on earth from the perspective of aliens might be fun, so here’s some Nathan W. Pyle humor for you to enjoy!

And there you have our world from the viewpoint of the Aliens Among Us!
Makes you realize just how truly weird we are, doesn’t it!
😀 😀 😀

39 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile #Laughter #Humor

    • I’m having trouble picking a favorite, Trish. I particularly like the birthday party and the sports viewing on tv, I think. But all of them made me laugh out loud, for sure. Glad you enjoyed them! 🙂


  1. Too funny, Marcia! When you see our routines from an alien’s perspective, it certainly makes you wonder, right? Thanks for the morning chuckles! 😁

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    • I’m so glad they made you laugh, Priscilla, and yep. Nothing like seeing how you look to an alien to bring you back down to earth. (See what I did there?) 😀


        • I like that one, too, even though I could give VAMPIRES lessons in hiding from the sun! Growing up in Florida before sunblock has meant more than 40 years of treatments and surgeries for skin cancers, so while I laughed at it, I also shuddered at the same time. It’s particularly true that some people still crave “sun damage” even though they should know better these days. Happily, most now know and appreciate the meaning of SPF ! 😀

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    • You? Like aliens on earth?? I had no idea. OKay, maybe I had a LITTLE bit of an idea. 😀 😀 😀 Glad you got a laugh or two, Staci. Hope they keep you smiling all day! 🙂

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  2. Marcia you outdid yourself rounding these up. I never heard of Nathan Pyle before but these are hilarious. I’m still laughing!
    My favorite is the one with the cat, but they are all keepers. I love UFO and alien-related humor 🙂

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    • Good to know, my PenderPal! I’ll be keeping an eye out for more. I’ve had these in my files for a while, and after the sightings of the weird yellow “pyramids” made the news everywhere last week, I decided today was the perfect day to run them all at once. I agree they are utterly hilarious, and I’m thinking I need to look for a book of his work. If I find a good one, I’ll let you know. 😀 And excrement is now my favorite expletive of all time! 😀 😀 😀

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    • Glad you got some laughs, Jan! I love these and in fact, just checked the cartoonist out on Amazon and ordered two of his books. He’s got several out that sound hilarious. 🙂


    • That’s a favorite of mine, too, Yvette, but then again, all of these made me laugh like crazy. (Just ordered two of his books, so I can laugh even MORE.) 😀 Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

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