#ReblogAlert – This Week on #StoryEmpire


Another week filled with great stuff on #StoryEmpire. Be sure to check out these terrific posts!

MONDAY: D. L. Finn’s post on Writing and Our Health is wonderful! If you’ve suffered stiffness, back issues, poor circulation, or overall fatigue from too many hours at the computer, she has some great suggestions for you! You can read her post HERE.

WEDNESDAY: Craig Boyack has a terrifically interesting post today that I think many of you will enjoy. Check out A Trick That Works for some fun and helpful tips on changing up your writing environment. You can read his post HERE.

FRIDAY: Staci Troilo’s post today is entitled Words of Wisdom, and that’s just what it is. Some fantastic quotes here that really make you stop and think. You can read Staci’s post HERE.

And there you have it folks! See? I told you it was great stuff! 😀

11 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert – This Week on #StoryEmpire

    • Good Morning to you, too, Gwen! Hope your day is starting off well! And you’re most welcome. This is my new Friday feature, reblogging the whole week on SE, so Denise and Craig are featured, too, with links. I’m hoping it will bring even more visitors over to the SE blog! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 ❤

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      • And I should have mentioned them as well… I was still focused on Staci’s post. Thank you for doing this for all of us, Marcia. Big huge hugs… 🤗

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        • Not a problem. Just wanted to be sure you knew I’m planning to make this a regular event on Fridays. I thought you did, but wasn’t sure, on account of as how my memory stinks these days! 😀 Huge hugs back! 🙂 ❤


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