A Place to Write

Check out Joan Hall’s post today on having a place to write. For some of us, a designated writing area is critical, while others are more flexible. Which one are you? Stop by and see what you think, then pass this along so others can join in the discussion. Thanks, and thanks to Joan for an interesting post about something we can all identify with. And Merry Christmas to you all, and to you as well, Joan! 🙂

Story Empire

Hello, SE Readers. Joan with you today with my last post of 2020. If you follow this blog, you’re either an author who wants to engage with other authors and learn more about the craft or a want to be writer.

For most of my life, I fell into the latter category. I knew by the age of ten (maybe before) that I wanted to be a writer. It was only a dozen years ago that I decided to do something about it. I didn’t have a clue about writing fiction, so I took a few online writing classes. The things I learned were invaluable.

In one of the classes, the instructor used the term “butt glue.” In other words, butt in chair, fingers to the keyboard, and write. But many of us juggle other responsibilities—a home, family, full or part-time job. We have to make time.

But equally important…

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