#BadMoonRising Guns of Perdition(Armageddon Showdown #1) by Jessica Bakkers #darkfantasy #TuesdayBookBlog #horror

Head on over to Teri Polen’s Bad Moon Rising, folks. I’m late getting to this, but you really need to check out her guest today, Jessica Bakkers. And if you haven’t read Guns of Perdition yet, you should consider grabbing a copy of it, too. I can attest to it being dark and scary, but it’s definitely a great read. You’ll enjoy Jess’s answers to the interview questions too. After you’re done reading, please pass it along so more folks can enjoy it, as well. Thanks, and thanks to Teri & Jessica for a fun post!

Books and Such

It’s a double debut for today’s author – her first time at Bad Moon Rising with her first novel. I’ve seen some stellar reviews for her dark, gritty western, and it’s waiting on my TBR. She’s also a King fan, and prefers slimy things to furry. Welcome Jessica Bakkers!

Has a movie or book scared you so much you couldn’t sleep?  Which one?

Yes! Stephen King (naturally) did it to me twice. First, The Shining movie. A girlfriend and I watched it when we were about fourteen, then spent the whole night awake and terrified until my parents got home. The worst thing was, we had a huge doggie door (for a fat lab) that a person could easily crawl through. We stood sentinel beside the door for hours convinced someone was going to climb through.

The second time was IT (the 1980 something movie). I watched that WAY too…

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4 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising Guns of Perdition(Armageddon Showdown #1) by Jessica Bakkers #darkfantasy #TuesdayBookBlog #horror

    • Glad you are enjoying it. I came into the fold a bit later in the game, and wish I’d taken longer to be more creative with my own answers, especially after reading some of these. But I’m still pleased as anything to be part of it, and next year, will have a better idea how to approach it, should Teri invite me to take part again. 🙂 It’s such a fun idea! 😀


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