#BadMoonRising The Ballad of Mrs. Molony by C.S. Boyack #IndieAuthor #Paranormal

Heads up, folks! It’s time for Bad Moon Rising! For the month of October, Teri Polen is featuring a different author each day, including some very interesting interview questions. I’ll be sharing the posts here as I’m able, and I hope you’ll drop by daily to check out the fun! This is yesterday’s post, featuring C. S. Boyack. Head on over to say hi. You’ll be glad you did.

Books and Such

Welcome to the first day of Bad Moon Rising!  Having been a fan of horror/paranormal/supernatural books and movies from a very young age (blame my dad for letting me watch some shows at a questionable age), I look forward to hosting this event every year.  Today’s author is known for his wildly creative speculative fiction novels and is here today with his newest book that released this week!  Many of us are familiar with Lizzie and the Hat, and The Ballad of Mrs.Molony is the third in the series.  C.S. Boyack is in the house!

Thanks for having me back, Teri. I look forward to Bad Moon all year. October is kind of my month, and I enjoy learning about all the other author participants.

Seems like I’m always the one to break the rules, so I’ll try to follow them as best I can. It’s a lot of…

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7 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising The Ballad of Mrs. Molony by C.S. Boyack #IndieAuthor #Paranormal

    • My pleasure to let the world know about this wonderful and fun feature, Teri. I’m sorry I didn’t get this one shared yesterday, but things were hectic, and I’m a wee bit under the weather, so I’m running behind. (That last part isn’t new, but I’m working on it. 😀 )

      I love this feature of yours, and can’t believe I’ve missed it in the past. That won’t happen again! 🙂 Thanks for putting it together! 🙂

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    • I swear I meant to share it yesterday, but it was a crazy, hectic day and I was trying to do way too many things at once, and I … *gulp* … forgot! DOH. I do more and more of that with each passing year. Now. What were we talking about??? 😀 Oh, yes. I missed sharing this one yesterday, but I hope folks will still head on over to check it out and will then follow along. I’ll continue to share each morning. (I have a virtual Post It in the middle of my monitor reminding me.)

      This is a great series, isn’t it? And I thoroughly enjoyed Craig’s post, and yours. I’m looking forward to every single day! 🙂

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