Guest Author Thursday: Marica Meara with The Emissary 3: Love Hurts #newrelease

Good Morning, Everyone! Today, I’m visiting with Mae Clair to get the word out about my latest release, The Emissary 3: Love Hurts. I’m sharing an excerpt from a scene between Dodger and his “adopted” father, Jake, and I’d be super happy if you stopped by to check it out, and took a moment to comment and pass it along for others to read. Thanks so much, everyone, and my heartfelt thanks also to my very good friend, Mae, for helping me launch the final novella in this trilogy. 🙂 ❤

From the Pen of Mae Clair

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My guest today has a lot of pluses in her corner—she’s a good friend, a Story Empire colleague, a gifted writer, and has been blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. She’s also a fabulous supporter of others. I have gobbled up everything she’s written, including her first two Emissary novels—and this one! You can find my 5 STAR REVIEW HERE. I thoroughly love these characters! You’ll find out why soon enough as you read the blurb and excerpt she’s sharing. Take it away, Marcia!

Banner ad for Emissary 3 by Marcia Meara shows Kindle with book cover displayed lying next to red rosesThanks so much for having me here today, Mae. It’s a great pleasure to be sharing the news of my latest release, The Emissary 3: Love Hurts, with you and your followers. I hope you’ll all enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 2. Dodger is battling a panic attack as he tries to get ready to visit the library where he’s just discovered the…

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8 thoughts on “Guest Author Thursday: Marica Meara with The Emissary 3: Love Hurts #newrelease

    • Thanks, Mae, and funny thing. That’s exactly what I’m hoping, too. Imagine that! 😀

      I’m so happy to be over at your place today, and love the way you set the post up, too. Thanks so much for having me! 😀 ❤

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