Let’s poke it with a stick

Craig Boyack has a very interesting post on Story Empire today about
“false hooks” and delivering on promises. I think you’ll find it as interesting as I did and will become more aware of the perils of doing this to your readers, so I heartily recommend you check it out. And as always, please consider passing it along so others can learn from it, too. Thanks, and thanks to Craig for giving me something new to ponder when I start my next book! 🙂

Story Empire

Made it myself. Not accepting commissions at this time.

Hi, Gang. Craig with you today, and we’re going to do something different. I believe that nearly everything can be a case study of sorts. We get bits and bobs from everything we see, hear, observe, but some things like books, television, and films can help us with story structure.

My SE partners are nicer than I am, so I’m the obvious one to write something like this. I’m not heartless, so I’m going to pick on mainstream things for this post. I’d never single out one struggling author.

Today, we’re going to pick on shows from subscription services. You know the ones, original material from places like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and others.

Confession time, I had never binge-watched anything in my life until C-19 showed up to ruin everyone’s year. I’d watched shows on these services, but you…

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