Special Items: Fantasy

Craig Boyack is holding court over on Story Empire today with a post called Special Items: Fantasy. Yep. It’s all about the magical items so often included in great fantasy, and how to best incorporate them in your own. Hope you’ll head straight over to check it out, and will keep these suggestions in mind as you write (or read) your next fantasy. Thanks, and as always, please remember to pass this one along so others can enjoy learning from it, as well. Thanks, and thanks to Craig for a post both informative and entertaining. (And for the fun picture, too!) 🙂

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you again. In my last post, we talked about special items that you might find in a paranormal tale of some kind. The key involved a list of things to consider when creating an item for your story. Let’s include the list again.

• Enhancing the world you are building.

• Balancing the scale between ultimate power and limitations on usage.

• Resale Value.

• Costuming.

I’m taking on one of the biggest genres today, fantasy. This field is so big that I can’t cover everything. It includes urban fantasy, Greco-Roman, medieval, and about a billion other things.

We’re going to have to paint with a broad brush today, and it’s up to you to formulate my suggestions into your fantasy world…or not. These aren’t rules, they’re merely things to consider.

I also have to limit these magical items to things you can carry with you…

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