Churn Rate and Transmedia Storytelling

Ever heard the terms “Churn Rate” or “Transmedia Marketing?” (Me neither). Well, do yourself a big favor and head over to Story Empire today to check out Staci Troilo’s wonderful post. Her examples will explain these concepts very clearly, and you might find out these are things you should be considering for your books/career, instead of more traditional marketing techniques. Don’t forget to share the post far and wide, too, so others can learn more about this approach. Thanks, and thanks to Staci for a super job on this! 🙂

Story Empire

Ciao, amici! Today, I’m going to throw some industry buzzwords at you and talk about churn rate and transmedia storytelling (which I’m sure you figured out already because of the title) and how we can lower the first by increasing the second.


Churn rate is the speed at which someone moves on to the next thing. In our industry, it’s how fast a reader gets tired of our work and moves on to another book or author.

Transmedia storytelling is the technique of telling a single story across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.


In today’s market, churn rate is high, which is bad for creators. There are roughly 2,000,000 books published each year, which equates to nearly 5,500 a day. Can you read that many books a day? And those are new titles. All the existing books you haven’t read aren’t going away. These 5,500…

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