Author’s Notes: Another Terrific Opportunity!

Happy Wodin’s Day, y’all!! 😀

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m today’s “poster girl” at Story Empire. Hope you’ll hop on over there and check out my thoughts on Author’s Notes and many of the ways writers can use them to connect with and inform their readers.

I also hope you’ll consider sharing the post with all your friends on social media, so they can check it out, too. THANKS, and thanks to Story Empire for another opportunity to chat with folks!

Story Empire

Hi, Everybody! Marcia here, popping in from the Sunshine State. Hope you are all well and managing to cope with these difficult and confusing times, yet still finding the focus and drive to write. 

Since I’d much rather be cheering for things I like than ranting and raving about those I don’t, you might already have guessed how I feel about Author’s Notes. Yep. I’m all in favor of them. Why? Because they present a huge opportunity for writers to communicate with their readers.

Author’s Notes can be useful, informative, and fun, and while (as always) some readers won’t check them out, many others will.  That means you have the floor to talk about any number of things, all of which can inform, explain, entertain, educate, and even amuse your readers above and beyond what they’ve just read in your book. Entertained and amused readers are happy, and to my…

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