Finding a Critique Partner

Mae Clair has an excellent post on Story Empire today on working with Critique Partners. If you’ve considered doing this, but were on the fence, you should check this out. And if you do use critique partners and/or beta readers, you’ll be interested in this one, too. Please don’t forget to pass it along as well, so other writers can consider this option. Thanks, and thanks to Mae for a great post! 🙂

Story Empire

Hi, SEers. You’re with Mae today with a subject that’s been discussed before. Even so, I hope this post brings something new to the table, as the subject is one I feel strongly about.

Critique partners are different than beta readers, and both have value. Some writers use both, but most use one or the other. For me, it’s always been critique partners. Finding a good CP, or several good CPs, is not easy—especially when they may not turn up where you expect them.

An open Macbook on a table with a cup of coffee and writing paper

I met Karen, my first critique partner, online. We both loved writing and reading but didn’t know that about each other at the time. Instead, we connected on a site devoted to a short-lived TV show we both enjoyed. We developed a friendship first, one that went beyond the show. From there we realized we both loved books, and—shock—writing.

Karen was more of a plotter. She’d…

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2 thoughts on “Finding a Critique Partner

    • Happy to share it, Mae. This is something I think more writers should consider. It’s helpful from a writing standpoint and from a motivational, inspirational one, as well. 🙂 Super post! 🙂


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