Dual-Use of Meta Content Pt 6: The Marketing Plan

Check out Story Empire’s post of the day: P. H. Solomon is back with more on Dual Uses of Meta Content. Today, he’s focused on using it to help you market your finished book, and I’m definitely taking notes on this one. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Part 6 of this series, and will want to share it far and wide, so others can learn some new tricks, too. Thanks, and thanks to P. H. for such an informative and helpful post! 🙂

Story Empire

Good morning everyone, PH here with you today sharing a a few more tips and ideas you can use in your writing career. This year I’ve been spending a lot of time on world building and marketing as I work toward the release new books. Just below, you’ll find a list of related posts from earlier in the year to discuss some of topics that I referring to. Please check those out if you need more specific information, because you shouldn’t be wondering what comes next when your book is ready for publication.

ListDual Use of Fiction Meta-Content Part 1

Dual Use of Fiction Meta-Content Part 2

Dual Use of Meta-content Part 3: Reader Guides

Dual Use of Fiction Meta-Content Part 4: Newsletters

Dual-Use of Meta-Content Part 5: World Building

Today, I want to talk about bringing everything together between the book and the rest of your story, the part…

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