#ThorsDaySmile Is Back, Quarantine Style!

I’m a firm believer in laughter. It helps us cope with everything, and keeps us sane in trying times like these. With that thought in mind, and with NO disrespect meant to anyone, anywhere, here’s today’s #ThorsDaySmile selection.  I hope you find a chuckle or two in the mix.













37 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile Is Back, Quarantine Style!

    • Glad you got a laugh out of them, Jeanne. If I can’t find things to laugh about, no matter what Life throws my way, I’m dooooomed. 😉 And there are certainly a lot of these making the rounds. Will probably do another set next week. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. Much needed humour to lighten the load – many thanks, Marcia. All of them made me smile but my favourites are the first and the last. I always wanted a frock like that. Apparently it’s why some of the grander houses of the time had to have double doors. I believe that sitting was an artform, too… 🙂 ❤ 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Trish! Oh, those hoop skirts! EVERYTHING was an artform, if you didn’t want to be the day’s unplanned risque entertainment! 😀 I love that one, too, but my favorite is the last one. I could NOT stop laughing at that, and his expression is so spot on! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Trish! Always good to see you here.


  2. I’ve seen most of these making the rounds, but they sure are some good ones. I agree with you, Marcia. Laughter is the elixir for what ails us.

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    • I save all the funny things I find, Pete, and share them in various ways. Normally, I let a little more time pass first, but these have a shelf life. At least, I assume they won’t be relevant FOREVER, though some days, I wonder. 😀 Thanks for stopping by! And stay safe!!

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