My Review of Grinders by C.S. Boyack

Sharing Don Massenzio’s terrific review of Grinders (by C. S. Boyack) today, because this book deserves a spot on everyone’s Kindle! It is a pure delight, and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at what Don has to say. His take is in sync with mine that Grinders is an imaginative romp through a not-too-distant possible future and an all-around fun read. After you check out the post, please remember to pass it along so others can discover both Grinders and Don’s website and books, as well. THANKS! And thanks to Don for being such a super friend and generous supporter of writers and bloggers everywhere!

Author Don Massenzio

I recently finished reading Grinders, by C.S. Boyack. I always look forward to reading new books by Mr. Boyack and I was not disappointed with this one.

The thing that struck me immediately was the mixture of imagination and possible natural evolution of the developments in both the environment and technology in the future. The book takes place in a future iteration of San Francisco which sees it’s citizens dealing with rising waters that cause them to live beneath the surface in some cases and deal with the effects of rising tides within the city.

The use of the ‘grid’ for the mobility of vehicles is ingenious even describing a sync with handheld devices to warn those absorbed in their cell phones (yes this is predicted to still be a thing in the future) that they are approaching traffic by sending a warning to their screens.

It’s these little touches…

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