I Did It! #PublisherRocket

Welp, I got enough feedback and read enough reviews to convince me it was worth a $97 one-time purchase price, so I downloaded Publisher Rocket this morning. So far,  it looks pretty straight-forward to use, and I really do think it’s going to help me find exactly the niche categories I want my books in, and the best keywords to use in the Amazon descriptions. 

This is something I have NOT been able to figure out on my own, and I’m tired of stumbling around. I’m going to consider this a reasonable marketing expense, since the cost is comparable (or in some cases, lower than) many of the advertising options out there and,  unlike short-term promos, etc, I believe it will be beneficial for the long run. Not going to give up on sales and other promos, either, but I also want something working for me 24/7, and I think the proper listing on Amazon is a big deal.

I plan to update ALL my books using Publisher Rocket, and to use this tool right from the get-go with new ones.There are a lot of instructional videos offered,  so that’s where I’ll start.  Will keep you up to date on what I discover as I get more familiar with the program! Wish me luck!! 🙂

Publisher Rocket

42 thoughts on “I Did It! #PublisherRocket

  1. I’d love to hear what you think of it, Marcia. I would definitely spend that amount for something that would make a good difference. Amazon keywords, rankings, etc., are still a mystery to me.

    Good luck and wishing you awesome results!

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    • Publisher Rocket (from what I can tell) is the “new and improved” version of KDP Rocket, with some things being made simpler, and other things that needed to change due to Amazon changes. I know you can get future upgrades with Publisher Rocket, and I’m guessing you might be able to upgrade from KDP Rocket, if you need to. Not sure on that, just that this is the “latest and greatest” version, supposedly. Anyway, it should have all the bells and whistles, and I’m looking forward to watching the instructional videos. 🙂

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      • Every time there’s an update, you just get an email notifying you, and you either go ahead and follow the link to update the programme, or it will simply do it automatically the next time you open it up.
        Easy peasy. Mine has been updated several times since I bought it about 3 years ago, including going from KDP Rocket to Publisher Rocket, without a hitch. I’ve tweaked keywords several times, using it, but one of these days I will really dig in there and utilise all of its features!

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    • I’m glad you asked, Jaye. Don’t know if this helps, but there’s a 30-day Guaranteed Money Back refund, so if you can find a way to try it out and don’t like it, or decide it isn’t worth going without dinner for a week or two, you can ask for a full refund. (I suspect we’ve all had months where $97 would have made a big difference in what was put on the table at night.) That’s all I’ve seen that could be useful for some. It’s why I decided to give it a shot, too. I hate buying stuff only to find I don’t like the product.


    • I’m planning to keep you guys updated on my results, as I know I can’t be the only one who really would like to improve on this Category/Keywords stuff. I’m hoping this does help, and I’ll share what I discover, good and bad. Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

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    • I’m with you, and trying to dig down to the specific category you want is difficult. I’ve taken a quick look at Publisher Rocket, and so far, like what I saw, but I’m going to watch the instructional videos to get me off to a good start. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it soon, but I figure ANYTHING has to be better than simply listing a book as “Romantic Suspense” where it shares the space with 300,000 other books or so. It’s hard to climb to the top 100 with that much competition, and better exposure to be in the Top 100 in a smaller niche. Any help with that at ALL is worth the money to me.

      I’ll be back with my thoughts as soon as I’ve had a chance to study this more closely. 🙂

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        • It is a HUGE category, and that means it’s pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. But if you can “drill down” to a less crowded sub-category, you reduce competition, and it makes it easier to climb higher and hopefully hit that top 100 in your sub-group. THEN, you get way more exposure. At least, that’s the theory, and it can’t hurt to give it a try. For sure, I’ll let you know what I think as I get into the program a bit farther. IF it works, then it is SO worth $97! 😀

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    • Dave Chesson has irons in a lot of fires. He’s the guy behind Kindlepreneur and pops up all over the place, but I’ve not read anything negative about him or his business. And Publisher Rocket seems to be garnering a lot of good reviews. I think it’s probably most helpful to those of us who are self-published, but have some areas of marketing we don’t understand. Like those tricky categories and keywords that are SO important, but so hard to figure out. A trad publisher might already have a handle on that. Or not. But for many of us, it’s sure worth looking into. And it might not hurt to see if you can find additional niches to reduce the competition. Good luck! 🙂

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