Week In Review

Joan Hall’s Week in Review post is a great one today, filled with super links, and oh, yeah, some cool cats, too. Check it out, and then pass it along, if you would. Thanks, and thanks to Joan for passing these links along to us! 🙂

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. Once again, Friday is upon us. Am I the only one who always looks forward to weekends? Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be nice to have two-day workweeks and five-day weekends? Alas, that isn’t the case.

Okay, I promised myself this week’s photo would be a little more upbeat than the one I shared last Friday. What could be better than sharing one of my fur babies?

This is our cats, Little Bit and Tucker.  Little Bit is a Black Manx who found us. At the time, we already had two cats and didn’t intend on getting another. But after he nearly lost one of his nine lives in the mouth of our dog, Maggie, and a $600.00 emergency vet bill, Little Bit became a permanent member of the Hall household.

Tucker is on the right. We’ve got him almost six years ago when our other…

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