#Latest (11:00am) Dorian Update – Possible Good News!

Good news. The very latest storm predictions show it trending more and more to the east. Now, they think it won’t touch land in Florida, but will stay offshore as far as the NC/SC border. If they’re correct, and the trending eastward continues, this actually COULD go off into the Atlantic without making landfall anywhere! How wonderful that would be!

Of course, is a very wide storm, and we are going to get “weather” as they say down here, whether the eye touches land or not. Florida will no doubt have wind, rain, and flooding in many areas, especially along the coast where storm surge is always a threat. The question would be how much, and where? So preparations are still ongoing statewide, and Mark and I are hard at work clearing up the yard. (I don’t want to get brained by a flying flower pot or birdbath!) But the outlook is far better than it was yesterday, and that makes me breathe easier than I have for a week!

Now, I just want to see it swing far enough east that it misses our entire coast! That would be what we writers cleverly refer to as an HEA! 😀 Keep sending those thoughts and prayers, folks! They are so gratefully received! 🙂 ❤

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