Last #HurricaneDorian Update for Today! (5:00pm forecast)

The predictions keep looking better and better for us in central Florida. The coastal areas will probably have some significant storm surge, and I know the entire state is braced for wind and rain starting late tomorrow and lasting into Wednesday. But as of right now, they are predicting Dorian will not make landfall in Florida, but will stay off the eastern coast heading north to somewhere around North Carolina. Again, this can change, but it looks promising, and I’m very relieved for those of us here in the Orlando area, if not as much so for those along the coast.

I am also exhausted. We worked outside most of the day, bringing all the potted plants inside and making sure things were not likely to become deadly projectiles–or even window-smashing projectiles. We will reassess tomorrow to see if we feel we need to do more, but as of tonight, I’m thinking we might come through this one okay, after all.  Now, on the count of three, could you all repeat after me, “Go EAST, young Dorian! Get thee out into the Atlantic, and don’t bother any more people who aren’t bothering you!” Got it? Okay, one, two, three ……… ahhh, thanks! That should do it.

You can probably tell I’m getting punchy, but it’s been a long, hard day, so I hope you’ll cut me some slack. Thanks so much for all the wonderful support and prayers, and I’ll try to respond to all your comments as soon as I can. We shall find out soon enough what tomorrow brings, but for now, it’s off to bed with a Granny Smith apple and a good book. We’ll see if I stay wake long enough to enjoy either one. 😀  

18 thoughts on “Last #HurricaneDorian Update for Today! (5:00pm forecast)

  1. Oh! So relieved. Now if the darn thing would just go on back out to see.
    My sister is in SC. and I’m worried. She and I have been messaging all afternoon, and I’m chanting now.
    I must say you nearly brought me to tears when you wrote that you’re off to bed with a granny smith apple and a good book. My mother used to do that very thing. Round 8 or so in the evening she’d get all done for the day, get herself a snack, many times a granny smith apple, curl up in bed, turn the TV down low and read till way into the night.
    I now do the same thing, and it’s about that time.
    Many times she had a cat on the end of her bed. Me, I’ve got a huge hairy galoot of a dog. LOL.
    Be ye safe, be ye well.
    “Go east,Young Dorian! Get thee out into the Atlantic, and don’t bother any more people who aren’t bothering you!” ……… ahhh

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    • I LOVE it, Patty! You told that ol’ Dorian just where to go! That’s sweet about your mom. When I found out in May that I had diabetes, I said I could give up anything but eggs and Granny Smith apples, and was ecstatic to know both were just fine. And believe it or not, I haven’t cheated once since then, and my blood sugar levels are normal. So Granny Smith apples are a nice way to have something really sweet/tart and good for you. The crunch keeps me company as I read! 😀

      I have a lot of animals in the house, but I can’t let them sleep on the bed with my allergies. I’m okay unless they are right up in my face, and I’m breathing in that dander. Eeek. Otherwise, I’d be fine with them for company, too. I turn the tv a bit lower, though. Like off. And the more I talk about it, the more I’m ready to head that direction! *smile*

      My thoughts are with your sister in South Carolina, but take heart. It’s predicted to move farther offshore, and with any luck at all, she’ll be fine. (But you must keeping chanting the “Go east, Young Dorian,” every chance you get. That’s the secret! *grin*

      Now I’m off to bed, for sure, hoping the morning will find us all safe and well–and DRY!!! Sweet dreams, Patty! 🙂 ❤


      • Hi. My mother had diabetes too. She said the same thing about Apple is that you say. And she loved the Granny Smith ones. Sweet dreams yourself. I am getting ready to lie down. While I was in the bathtub, king Campbell took over the middle of my bed. But he has scooted over and is stretched out in front of the fan. Yes, that hurricane is going to go, and not bother anybody. Good night.

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  2. The power of positive thought!
    This projection looks very much better than the one yesterday. Ships can move to safer waters but you can’t do that with your house and garden and so the sea is the best place for it. Enjoy your book and Granny Smiths! ❤

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    • Thank you, Sweet Trish! I’m closing up shop right now. (Tomorrow, I hope I’ll have a few minutes to catch up on my emails, especially yours! Yes, it looks vastly better, and while I hoped against hope that their earlier predictions were wrong, I’m praying like crazy THESE are on the right track. The closer the storm gets, the more accurate the predictions become, for sure, so I’m going with that! 🙂

      I hear Granny calling me now, so I’m off. Hope to have a great report in the morning. Goodnight, my friend! 🙂

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      • Here’s for a good report, and good rest for you. After you have enjoyed your apple. Apples are powerful. While you are eating it, and you’re probably already gone but think of this. When you’re eating an apple, always think about what you want to be. Apples bring good luck, prosperity, love, safety, and pretty much anything else you can think of while you’re eating them. 🙂 PS. Hello Trish. Haven’t seen you in a while.

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        • Hi Patty! Hope fortune favours you. It’s been one of those manic and unpredictable years so far but I’ve nothing to complain about. I suppose hurricane threats do kind of put things into perspective, don’t they?! 🙂


          • Hi.

            I know what you mean about the year. I feel like I’ve spent part of it in a washing machine on spin cycle and the rest on a downhill slope with no breaks.

            Yes, a hurricane puts things into perspective, especially when you don’t have to deal directly with it, can step back and see what those who are, are going through, and realize just how fortunate you truly are.


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            • “part of it in a washing machine on spin cycle and the rest on a downhill slope with no breaks.”

              Oh, I love that line. Gonna remember it, for sure. Rushing now, but will try to respond to everyone later. A few more things to do, just in case! (And because they needed doin’ anyway! 😀 )


              • Nothing like expectation of some urgent event to get one moving on things needing done. Reminds me of when they start calling for snow round here. I stop all normal business, get in gear, and get out amongst the masses, (Mean that literally) and go to the store.

                Moan the bus stop blues, do my deeds, and scurry back to the safety of home.

                Usually nothing happens except that I’ve run my errands which have been put off and a few flakes fall. But, then again last year they called for a storm, I ignored it because the one TV station kept insisting it would go around us, and we ended up with 7 inches, high winds, and then sub zero temps.

                Luckily there were taters in the house and I made soup.

                Be careful out there in the craziness.


  3. I’m late checking in because of the holiday weekend, but I have been tracking Dorian daily and thinking of you, I am SO GLAD it’s tracking east to the Atlantic. Hopefully, it will only brush the coast and the Carolinas with no serious damage, I know you’re probably in for a ton of wind and rain, but also lots of relief that it’s nothing worse. Prayers answered! Hugs to you!!

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    • Mae, I’ve been trying to email you about your possible #ShareAReviewDay post, but it keeps bouncing back to me. Something to do with the “remote SMTP” protocol or the like. 😦 (Maybe they’re tired of all our Pender Chatting??) If you still want to do one for the 10th, let me know, but NO pressure. I have several people I’m scheduling and I can move you to a later date with no problem. But if I disappear, you’ll know it’s an issue with the power, and I’ll be back as soon as possible. 🙂

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