#ShareAReviewDay Tuesday – Unknown Reasons by Joan Hall

Happy Tuesday, Everybody! This morning, we are getting the ball rolling with an excellent review of Unknown Reasons: Driscoll Lake Book Two, by Joan Hall. I know you’ll enjoy it and be glad to pass it along, too. Thanks so much! 


Review: Irene Aprile 5 out of 5 Stars
Goodreads Review
May 2, 2018

Back to Driscoll Lake

Ok, I have a problem. I’m officially in love with Brian Nichols, the main character in this novel. In a literary fashion, of course (not even him could take my husband’s place). But this is a problem because now I’ve finished reading Unknown Reasons, what am I to do with my reader-self? How am I going to move on and leave Driscoll Lake?

I’ve already been there once, thanks to Unseen Motives, and I was only too happy to be back for another story. Matt and Stephanie, main characters in the first novel of the series, here are minor characters since the story follows events related to Brian and Rachel, other inhabitants of Driscoll Lake.

I would have liked to read it all in one sitting. Unfortunately, I had to go to work (too bad). If mystery with a touch of romance, or romance with a touch of mystery, are your thing, carefully plan your reading time because, once you start reading, Unknown Reasons isn’t going to leave your mind until the end.

It’s fast-paced, full of suspense, and has the right amount of love and passion, angst and thrill. I loved the fact the villain has a point of view because it makes the story multifaceted and well-rounded.

As usual, Joan Hall has the ability to fully represent the pros and cons, ups and downs, of growing up and living in a small town, where everyone seems to know everything about everyone, privacy is a luxury, and gossips never rest.

I can’t wait, (can’t wait!) for the third title in the series. Really. Can’t. Wait.


If you can’t stand the heat…

Rachel Jackson hails from one of Driscoll Lake’s wealthiest families. Like her father, she became a doctor and is now a respected physician. But despite her successful career, Rachel feels something is missing from her life—until she crosses paths with Brian Nichols.

The son of a hard-working mother and alcoholic father, Brian acted out when he was young, earning a reputation as a troublemaker. As an adult, he’s worked hard to clean up his act and now owns a burgeoning construction company.

Rachel and Brian form an unlikely friendship which begins to blossom into something more. But a series of structure fires—determined to be arson—puts Brian in the hot seat. The properties are all associated with his work, making him the prime suspect. Toss in his juvenile history, and he finds himself the focus of a tenacious investigator. Even Rachel starts to have doubts.

Brian struggles to save his relationship, his company, and his reputation. But unless the real arsonist is caught before striking again, everything Brian holds dear may go up in smoke.

Buy Unknown Reasons: Driscoll Lake Book Two HERE

Author Joan Hall

Joan Hall likes to create character-driven fiction with strong, determined female leads and enigmatic male characters. She’s always enjoyed reading a good mystery or suspense story, so it’s only natural that’s her favorite writing genre. When she’s not writing, Joan likes to take nature walks, observe the night skies, and explore old cemeteries. She also likes ghost walks and learning local folklore. Joan and her husband live in Texas with their three cats.

Contact Info, Website, and Social Media Links:

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40 thoughts on “#ShareAReviewDay Tuesday – Unknown Reasons by Joan Hall

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    • You are very welcome, Joan, and I hope you’ll share more reviews with us in the weeks ahead. And don’t you just love it when you fall in love with the characters that live in your head? I do that, too. (Especially Hunter Painter.) But honestly, I don’t know how authors create believable characters if they don’t love them. Or hate them. Or love to hate them. 😀 You get my drift. So glad to have you here today! 🙂

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  3. Oh, what a great review! I agree with Irene on what a pleasure this book was to read. Brian Nichols is such an awesome character and I fell in love with the town of Driscoll Lake. Congratulations, Joan, and thanks to Marcia for sharing!

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  4. Brian is the quintessential book boyfriend, and Irene did a great job summing up what a wonderful book this is. I adored every word of this entire series, and it’s great to see this title getting some love. Congratulations, Joan.

    As always, thanks for hosting, Marcia.

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    • It was my pleasure, Sherrey. One of the things I set this blog up to do was to support other writers, and it means a lot to me to be able to give back to the folks that have been so good to me during the last 6 years. Glad you stopped by and hope you’ll visit often! 🙂


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    • It is a great review, and I have a feeling reading these in order will make more sense, but I’ll let Joan offer her opinion since I haven’t read either, yet. (On my TBR pile, though, for sure!) Thanks for stopping by, Trish. Better late than never, as they say. 😀 ❤


      • I hate knowing something BEFORE I’m reading the book where it happens, so my general rule of thumb is that if a series is numbered, I read it in that order. It doesn’t always make a difference, but I know in my own books, while they might make sense as stand-alone novels, reading them out of order means not fully understanding how the characters reached that point in their lives, nor what really makes them tick. I’m too obsessive about my own reading to take that chance. 😀 😀 😀

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