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Missed reblogging Staci’s Friday Finds on Friday (more on where I was in another post) but this week’s post is a great one, as usual. Do stop by 1) for the super inspirational weekly quote, and 2) for her terrific list of links to all sorts of good stuff! Please remember to share, thanks, and my personal thanks to Staci for including The Write Stuff in the humor section. LOVE these Friday Finds round-up posts, Staci! 🙂

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! How was your week? Mine was a mixed bag. I started rolling out some new features on my blog and hope to continue that next week. Every day, Monday through Friday, now has a theme, though I’m willing to preempt days (primarily Tuesdays) for promotions.

I’m taking weekends off. No posting, no reading posts, no social media, no writing or editing (unless I’m terribly behind). This seven-day-a-week schedule has finally broken me. I may (and I stress may) clean out my email just to make my Mondays easier, but I really need the break for my mental health.

Speaking of social media and emails, I’ve had discussions with several writing friends lately (you know who you are) who have been doubting themselves. This boggles my mind, as I’ve read their work (novels, novellas, short stories… even blog posts) and I find them all talented.

Then, I realized…

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5 thoughts on “Friday Finds #writetips #fiction #qotd

  1. Thanks for reblogging this, Marcia. I must confess to finding it stressful keeping all my few plates spinning. I have a stack of books that I genuinely want to read but feel guilty if I take the time off to do so. I needed some perspective and Staci’s provided it.

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