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  1. These are great, Marcia. I’ve never seen the poster with the different uses of there, but I love that. It makes me think about when I was teaching and received letters filled with grammar errors from by my students’ parents. I tried not to judge as I’m sure I sent out a few of my own. One of the main culprits was “alot” which was miswritten countless times by parents

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    • I’m glad you liked that one, Pete. I thought it was pretty clever, too. And yes, there are so MANY grammar mistakes lurking about to trip up the unwary. Sometimes, folks have been out of school too long and they’ve forgotten a rule. (It’s coming up on 60 years since I graduated, so I can identify with that one.) Sometimes, they may never have learned the rule at all. And then there are typos! I still type pretty fast, and will look back and see my fingers didn’t do what I told them to do. 😀

      In the past, I’ve run a little feature now and then called Why Write Wrong? Usually in connection with something I see popping up in books too often. Confusing words misused, like peek, peak, and pique, for example. Or phrases like “baited breath,” which is one that always jumps out at me. Eeep. I’m not an English teacher, but I love words, and I try my best to avoid errors of usage. And now that I’m thinking about it, it might be time to run another of those Why Write Wrong posts. Or even create a new one! 😀

      Okay, enough blathering on, here. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the memes! Always nice to hear from you. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for perking up a dull, wet day in Wales, Marcia. Like Pete, I could have made good use of the second one when teaching – it’s clear and clever and makes the point more simply than a tedious lesson’s worth of explanation! I’m all for some Why Write Wrong… ❤

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    • Glad you enjoyed them, Trish, and yeah, that diagram is pretty clever, isn’t it? I’ll have to see if I can recycle one or two of the Why Write Wrongs in the near future. This week is pretty full, with posts scheduled almost every day, but I can probably do one next week. And I might even get industrious and put together some new ones. 🙂

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