Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round UP –

Once again, it’s time for the Weekly Round-up Post from Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord blog. There’s always something for everyone in these posts, folks, so I highly recommend you stop by and check this one out. (And then pass it along to all your social media friends, as well.) Thanks, and thanks to Sally for providing this Time Capsule of the Week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts that you might have missed on Smorgasbord.

Thanks for dropping in today, and I wanted to share some news on the current series. The posts from the archives has been a wonderful series with 70authors trusting me to delve into their archives and select four posts to share with you.. That is 280 posts reaching new readers. The series is not over yet, but I have scheduled the dates for those remaining on the list through to the end of September which is another 48 posts for you to look forward to.ย  If you have not seen your posts yet, donโ€™t worry if you asked to go on the list you will be featured.

However, a new series begins in October โ€“ This time with the choice of the four posts to be shared, down to you. I willโ€ฆ

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